2018 trends: Furry coats and accessories

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The furry coats and accessories are one of the trends that have greater strength this year; it all started last fall where we fell in love with the pink millennial furry coat and many influencers used it as a basic garment during the winter.

It is already January and the rage for the pink coat has expanded to other garments that we use daily, making the fur and faux fur a big trend this year, so if you are looking for clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, that comply with the trends of this new season and that are of great quality, Matilda by True Love is your best option.

Matilda by True Love  is recognized for being a store that have clothes for sale online in Los Angeles in retail and wholesale, our mission is to be able to bring the best trends, with the best quality at an affordable price so that you can dress in style. We are committed to creating fashion that empowers the women’s identity and this we achieved by reviewing the latest fashion trends in different countries.

The best option is to wear the trends before everyone has a garment of this style in their wardrobe to give an innovative look and stand out for fashion. The trend of furry began with a coat, but has spread to shoes, bags, accessories, stoles, among others and here we want to share with you some tips to bring this trend with style.

If you are one of those who are not very convinced to wear this fashion, we recommend the bags that have a furry handle. This way is very discreet, but you can tastefully flirt with this trend. Choose a bag of a neutral color like beige or black and combine your outfit with jeans, deconstructed white blouse, a brown blazer with British squares and boots and you’ll have an excellent outfit ready.

The bags are an excellent accessory to use this trend and you can find them with thousands of shapes and colors. You can use a bag with vintage air that has round metal handles and everything else has to be furry, a tote bag to make your outfit more functional or go for a clutch that will make your outfit more sophisticated.

In addition, this trend was extended to shoes so this is the time to bring stuffed sandals (even if it’s winter), also for a different outfit you can wear shoes with furry heels or the classic mules come back but with fur to give it a different touch to our outfit. For these shoes follow the same recommendation, if you want to not to be the center of attention go for black shoes, brown or that are the same shades of your outfit so they do not stand out.

Another way to wear this trend is with a trench coat or a camel coat. The fur will only be a touch on the sleeves and can be of different colors to give an unexpected and cool touch to your outfit. On the other hand, if you already have a trench coat you can complement it with a furry stole; so you can play with a classic outfit but with an unexpected twist on the trench coat that would be the furry stole to five it a colorful and cheerful touch.

You can also find more discreet bags that only have a furry pom-pom in the bag. We invite you to find clothes for sale online in Los Angeles on our web page, where you can find the latest trends. We remind you that the colors of this year will be lavender, candy colors and the principal color of the season is the Ultra Violet, and don´t forget to accompany your outfit with a retro touch; so if you add a touch of these colors, along with the great trends in textures like faux fur you will have an incredible outfit.

In Matilda by True Love, we are continuously looking for the latest trends in the main fashion cities to create our own designs specially created for confident women and help them feel good, highlighting their outer and inner beauty, which helps them to be prepared every day to the daily challenges and stand out for their originality and style.

You will find clothes with excellent quality and price that are of the colors and textures of the season. We invite you to enter the section of the online store where you can choose from a wide range of products; when you select the product you want, you select the color, size and number of clothes you want to buy. In each product you will find a description of the material of each garment and pictures of the garments in the different colors that are available. When you select the items you want to buy they are added to cart and you can continue shopping. If you decide to check out you can make the payment with PayPal or with Amazon Pay to avoid filling out your bank details form and you should only share with us where to send your order. On the other hand, you can also make the payment with your credit card.

If you are looking for clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, you can find great variety of trendy clothes in different colors, textures and sizes from which you can only choose in Matilda by True Love.

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