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The blazers for women on sale have been and will be an essential part of any women’s and men’s wardrobe because they are pieces that give style and can make any style become more glamorous. Blazers are always present during every season of the year. There are light and thick blazers, short, long, tight or oversize for every season of the year, and especially for any occasion.

Having a blazer will always be a success as it provides a personalized style. The difference between a jacket and a blazer is due to the location of the buttons, the cut and accessories, patches and above all the comfort. Normally, blazers are more comfortable. The suites are usually more formal and elegant garments that are made with a skirt or pants usually have a straighter cut, wear lining, pockets almost always have a lapel, and are used for formal clothes and special occasions. On the other hand, the blazer is a garment that can be adjusted to formal and casual situations always looking sophisticated.

What would our looks look like without a proper blazer? We would not look so stylish. If you have a blazer in your closet it’s time to pull it out and show it off one more this season; the blazers have been evolving over the years, new cuts, textures and shapes but continue to be the star to achieve a sophisticated look.

Types of Blazers

There are many styles to wear a blazer. We have them plaid, striped, printed, oversized, tight, etc. How to know when and how to use them?

Blazers with squares will be the new inspiration during the fall, with a British style the squares will rein this season. This type of blazers should be white, light gray, Oxford gray or black. When using any of these colors you will be sure to be trendy and you can combine it with anything from pants that are of the same color of the blazer, even black pants or jeans. They are very easy to combine and are classic in the wardrobe. Time passes by and this type of blazers for women on sale is evolving. These prints will be found not only in blazers, they will also be present in midi skirts, blouses, crop top and so on.

Vichy-style blazers will also be trendy this new season. We can find them in blazers, raincoats, dresses, cropped pants … practically in any garment that you imagen. This type of cloth, gives a retro, sophisticated and feminine air for any type of garment.

The blazer with a British style and the Vichy squares blazer are recommended to be used with other garments of neutral colors or that match the blazer frames. For example, if you are going to use cropped pants and Vichy squares color black and white; we recommend using black stilettos and a black blouse or sweater. You can also bet on Vicky squares on your skirt and blouse, combining shades. Everything will be on the squares this season so say goodbye to the sailor´s style and welcome these new trend.

The oversize blazers will also be a big trend during 2017. A blazer should be big. The shoulder pads should be wide and have double buttons. In addition to the classic black you can be bold and choose one with pictures and combine two great trends. This type of blazers are also very versatile, you can use them with cropped pants, crop top and a large blazer; or you can use it with jeans and a stilettos as a blouse. You’ll look sophisticated and sexy with this style.

Mono color blazers. These blazers never go out of style and you should always have one in your closet to create a timeless look. One blazer that never fails is an Oxford gray or black. You can combine them with thousands of clothes and create sophisticated outfits. Blazer with prints. This season reigned blazers with floral prints, and even fruits like pineapples. We can even find embroidered blazers that give an original and feminine touch to any look. Remember that this type of blazers should be combined according to the colors that are in the embroidery or printed to make a good outfit.

Combinations with blazers

Blazers can be used with virtually anything. With dresses, it is the most feminine and casual way to wear them. If we wear a dress, it is recommended to wear the blazer at the height of the hips. When wearing a blazer with skirts, we recommend that you take a midi skirt this season. Complementing a midi skirt with Vichy style and a black blazer will be ready for any occasion looking incredibly good. Blazer and formal pants. In the traditional look, you should use a blazer of the same color as the pants. However, you can break this and wear a blazer with British or Vichy squares to give it a change to the outfit, it will continue to be elegant, but it will be more original.

The blazer with jeans is surely one of the favorite combinations of people because it offers a sophisticated style, but a little more informal. It is very comfortable and you can use it with stilettos or tennis depending on the occasion in which you are going to use it. A blazer with shorts or mini is a very feminine look and is ideal for people with shapely legs. You can wear a printed or embroidered blouse and make the most of every aspect of today’s fashion. Remember that blazers should follow the lines of your body to achieve a more sophisticated look. It should be notched at the waist to highlight your silhouette.

 To find the best of blazers for women on sale you only need to go to our store, in the “blazers” section. In order to help you choosing a garment you can find different pictures or colors that we have available. You can look the garment in different angles and also read a brief description of the garment. On the right side, you can select you favorite blazers, choose the color you are looking for, as well as the desired price range and size (small, medium, large). After you finish selecting your garment, just fill the form and we´ll do the rest. We accept amazon pay account, paypal and credit card. Share with us the shipping address and you’re done! That simple and reliable is your shopping experience in Matilda by True Love.

Our blazers for women on sale.

Look sexy and classy with this blazer and short set with carefully embroidered flower accents that will make you feel your best. Available in blue, pink and camel.

95%Polyester 5%Spandex

  • Blazer and shorts set
  • Floral embroidery
  • Fitted blazer

Floral Tropic Fitted Blazer

Accessorize any outfit with cute tropical floral exotic fitted blazer

50%Polyester 45%Cotton 5%Spandex

  • Tropical Floral Print
  • Fitted Blazer
  • No Buttons

Cute print fitted blazer

Add this on to any outfit and look cute with this woven fitted blazer with diamond and Triangle print detail. Available in pink or blue.

95%Cotton 5%Spandex

  • Fitted
  • No Button

Satin blazer

You will look as classy as can be with this fitted blazer with a beautiful satin detail. Available in black, white and camel.

  • Fitted Blazer
  • Satin Detail
  • Button

Blazer with rhombus

Fitted Blazer w/ All Over Rhombus Print. Available in pink, blue and camel.

95%Cotton 5%Spandex

Set: Floral Print Blazer & Shorts. This wonderful set is available in black and white with red flowers.

95%Cotton 5%Spandex

  • Blazer ans shorts set
  • Floral
  • Fitted blazer

Tropical set

Feel wild in this tropical multi color print set which includes both this cute and fitted blazer and comfortable shorts with detachable belt.       95%Cotton 5%Spandex

  • Blazer and Shorts Set
  • Belt Included
  • Tropical Print

These were some of our blazers for women on sale so you look incredibly well for the rest of the season. In Matilda by true love you will find a shop committed to your customers because our mission is to create fashion that empowers the women’s identity and we work daily to become a leader in wholesale and retail fashion, having the best competitive, attractive, online business that is available to all the consumers. Our vision is to inspire each woman to achieve their dreams, making each day to be the best of them and think the best of them to be successful in their daily lives.

Matilda by true love is guided by trends in the big cities of fashion; we design and produce clothes especially for the women who have an enviable lifestyle. We want to be with you throughout the day, while fulfilling your dreams and live the success of your actions. Every woman is different, for that reason our designs vary and adapt to the needs that each woman has. With Matilda you’ll be sure that you look good, with innovative and original designs that convey your true personality to the world. Find our products in the online store or look for us in our shop in downtown Los Angeles, right in the heart of fashion. We will be very happy to help you.

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