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What elements should I consider to be successful in my boutique?

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What is a boutique?

A boutique is a small store that has a specific selection of merchandise to cover a niche market, so the merchandise you choose must be carefully selected with the quality that your customers expect.The customers who enter your boutique will have the opportunity to appreciate the unique style and fall in love with the clothes of your store. In addition to the merchandise, you must have an outstanding customer service and a pleasant environment that invites you to spend more time in your store, inviting them to return.


Before opening a boutique, it is very important that you select a niche market, from there you will start your search for best jackets supplier online, and also suppliers of different garments like jeans, sweaters, dresses, skirts, etc. All this depends on your niche so you know what clothes to choose. By choosing clothing targeted to that niche, you can achieve loyalty of your customers, because they know that when they go to your store, they will always find something they like and as a result you will get more sales and free publicity, because your customers will recommend you with their family and friends

Since you have the market niche you want to attend and a list of possible suppliers, we recommend you do a market research in the place where you want to open your boutique. Keep in mind, at least three places, investigate who your customers would be and research the specify age range and preferences. It is important to know the ideology of your customers, as well as their customs, concerns and likes; so, you can have a closer relationship with them because when they go to your store they will have someone to talk to that understand what they are looking for.

When choosing the place, you must go there for three days or so (we recommend you do it on the weekend), so you have an idea of ​​how many people usually go there, look If they come with bags or is a shopping mall where people just go for a walk. If it´s possible, when you ask for information about the local, you should ask about the average ticket of the stores. In addition, ask if it includes insurance for assault or natural disasters.

Sometimes there are shopping malls that give you a month without paying rent so that you can prepare the premises, usually they have certain hours in which you can carry out the remodeling work. After choosing your niche market and place, it´s time to choose the type of merchandise you want to have. Analyze your suppliers list, consider whether you will need only the best jackets supplier online or if you also need suppliers of sunglasses, bags, jewelry, or makeup.

To have more sales in accessories we recommend placing them on a mannequin. For example, place the mannequin in jeans with a ruffled tee, sunglasses and a hand bag. The goal is for the customer to see the mannequin and picture herself with those clothes, be creative when you dress the mannequin, remember that the mannequins are used to attract attention and make people want to go to your store, as well as highlight products. At the time of your grand opening, remember that advertising is essential to create expectations among your customers, you can make a promotion or a symbolic gift. In addition, use social networks to keep you in the minds of your customers. Remember, sales peaks may be different depending on your niche market. But generally, they happen at Christmas, Black Friday, February 14th and Mother’s Day.

To determine your profit percentage, you should analyze the stores that are close to yours, know their price range and products, if there is one that complements your store or is your competition. If there is a store that complements you, approach to the owner or employee and suggest that you will advertise them in your store, or can offer discounts agreed between the two. Also, you must consider the prices of your competition and think of a differentiator.

The next step is to write down the expenses that you will have in the first year of operation. At times, we exceed expenses that we didn’t have contemplated. So, we suggest making a list of expenses such as rent, wages, internet, telephone, cleaning supplies, also consider a percentage for expenses that you didn’t know you would have or for any eventuality you may have. Also, before opening you must do a list about the expenses of decoration of your store and always stick to your initial budget for these purposes. The objective is to be sure if you can cover all your costs at least for six months. At Matilda by true love, we know your concerns as a fashion entrepreneur. That’s why we are best jackets supplier online, because we care about offering quality, innovation and price to grow your business.