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We started Matilda By True Love in 2011 not only because of our passion for fashion and design. Our company has a mission, that is to empower all women’s identities. Every woman is unique, and our goal is to help them show the best version of themselves. This commitment has made Matilda By True Love become one of the best wholesale women’s apparel in Los Angeles. This idea had to have a platform to develop. That’s why we created our website to feature competitive prices and the most attractive designs in women’s clothing today. You have more than 20 categories to browse and buy online in a few clicks. After that, you can have your clothes delivered anywhere around the USA and to another countries.

best wholesale women's apparel

Clothing for all Women’s Bodies

Matilda By True Love prides in having all types of clothing for all women’s body. Women’s types of bodies can be divided in some categories. These are hourglass, pear, inverted triangle and apple. Each one of them have certain attributes. And some particular clothes can highlight and enhance (or hide) some parts and attributes of your body. This level of personalization is what made us become one of the best wholesale women’s apparel in Los Angeles in the latest years. If you have an hourglass body, we recommend you to choose clothing that emphasizes your curves. For a figure like a pear, we suggest to make a balance between the lower and upper part of you. To do that, you can you can use blouses, ruffles, shoulder pads tops with light colors or shorts. Inverted triangle body looks great in pants with side bags, folds, wide jeans and skirts, as they lead attention to the lower part of the body. Bodies with an ‘apple’ shape should have clothing that gives them balance and define their curves, like blouses or dresses with shoulder highlights as well as long sleeves.

Choose the Best Wholesale Women’s Apparel in Los Angeles

Every woman has the right to feel and look beautiful. That’s why at Matilda By True Love we design and create fashion with a unique style to makes every woman reflect their inner beauty. You can buy our products online at our website or visit our store, located at 800 12th St. suite 116 Los Angeles CA 90021. If you have any questions please call us at (213) 748-1086 and (213) 440-4076.

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