Blazers for women on sale: burgundy a seasonal color

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Welcome once more to the site of Matilda by True Love. As we all know, blazers are a must have in our closets because they are very versatile and you can always use one for any situation giving elegance and sophistication in each outfit; that’s why we want to share with you some tips about seasonal colors and textures of this season; as well as tips for choosing a blazer and how to use it on different occasions.

Winter always brings new trends and colors in order to enjoy Christmas celebrations. In addition, the colors of the season such as green, white or burgundy come back every year and we will always find blazers for women on sale of these colors to celebrate Christmas and New Year together with our friends and loved ones. The advantage of using burgundy blazers for women on sale is that they are very versatile and are ideal to protect ourselves from the cold and also complement any outfit that we can imagine. In the nineteenth century the burgundy was synonymous of status and only the upper class could use these colors in their clothes; over the years, the burgundy has become a color that cannot be missed in the winter season.

At this time, we can use the burgundy in any garment, blouses, dresses, pants or blazers for women on sale and in many textures such as velvet or satin. When choosing a texture it can change our outfit even if it is the same color and we can give it an original and novel touch when using it with the textures of the season. The burgundy color in blazers for women on sale will be a must for this season; you can wear it under your coat during the winter and at the change of season when spring begins you can wear it over your blouse and keep warm without the need for a very large sweater.

Before going out to buy a new blazers for women on sale you must continue with your style, but always look at what are the new trends and dare to bring new things, garments that you can use with many outfits and above all that you feel comfortable and sure of yourself.

In Matilda by true love, you can choose between all the options of blazers for women on sale that we offer; among which you will find different styles, textures, patterns and colors to choose from. The printed blazers are a must this season; the advantages of using the prints is that they give your outfit an own style, it is original and you can play with different patterns throughout your outfit. If you want to highlight your printed blazer we recommend you use the other clothes in neutral colors or in a color that has the blazer in the pattern so that the blazer can be the star and attract the attention.
Bet on a blazer with Vichy squares or British squares to combine your outfits, or even dare for a set and use a matching blouse. The squares are essential this season. Remember that the vertical stripe helps you to look more slender and tall; on the contrary, horizontal stripes enlarge the figure. In Matilda by true love, you can find the blazers with the most original prints or the classic ones that serve you for a working girl outfit, to go to the cinema or any occasion using the basic colors. In addition, you can also find eye-catching, original colors that make you feel good and comfortable with yourself, showing the world your personality, security and joy by fulfilling your goals. These plain blazers are ideal to combine with jeans or office pants.

What we love about blazers is that you can use them for any occasion; you can use them to go out at night. The fabrics that will be present this winter will be the velvet that gives a warmer and elegant touch to these blazers. In addition, you can use blazers with sequins because they will give an original and striking touch. Dare to mix textures and colors so that your outfit is the most desired of the season. We recommend a burgundy satin blouse, jeans, a black velvet blazer and stilettos and you will have a perfect outfit for the holidays this season.

Go for a monochrome look with burgundy and velvet; you’ll look elegant and it’s the seasonal color; either a set of pants and a blazer or a dress will be amazing for the work party or even a Christmas dinner with friends and family.

At Matilda by true love, we love designing clothes for women that highlight the best of themselves. Our mission is to empower women with the clothes they wear; so that from the moment they leave home they feel confident, looking amazing and ready to face anything in the day. The first thing to start fulfilling your dreams is to dress like if you already have done it, so you feel that way while you are doing it. This way other people will believe it and very soon all the work will be reflected and you will be the successful and sophisticated woman that you want to be.

In Matilda by True Love, you will find the best trends, the best price and the best quality. In our shop you will find blazers, bombers, jackets and vests so you can achieve a desired and trendy look. Our commitment is to design clothes that help you feel confident about yourself every day.

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