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Welcome to the official site of Matilda by true love, we are happy to have you back on our blog. The blazers have been in a closet for several decades, to help us achieve a more sophisticated and elegant style for each day and for this reason any season is a good moment to look for blazers for women on sale.

During this season, the blazers for women on sale will be the most desired; but the XL blazers are going to be the must have this season. This type of blazers are excellent for any occasion as they serve as part for the seasonal change because they can be used as lightweight pieces or as an above all, using it with underneath sweaters for colder climates. You can wear an XL blazer as an evening look, and combine it with a tight dress to contrast the outfit. To achieve a more casual outfit, you can combine the blazer with jeans and stilettos.

In addition, to achieve a working girl outfit, the blazers for women on sale will always be a good option to upgrade your wardrobe and you can use the same outfit for the whole day; a presentation, meal with a client and ending at happy hour with friends. Everything is possible with an oversized blazer.

Depending on the activities you are going to perform during the day is the type of blazer you can use. A black, white or gray Oxford blazer is timeless and can fit any outfit making you look more elegant. For this season, besides the oversized blazers we recommend blazers that are suede, satin, lace and velvet to have the latest textures of this season in your store.

All stores must have blazers for women on sale that they can offer to their customers, and be aware of new trends and thus be able to generate higher sales. Since they are very versatile; thanks to its design the blazers are perfect for a day of work, for school, to go out at night, a brunch on the weekend or for any other occasion. The best thing about blazers for women on sale is that each person can innovate their style with one of them, be original and to stand out among other people. In addition to the classic outfit of working girl we want to share with you some outfits that will give new life to the blazers this season.

The basic blazers (black, gray, white) will always be a must, but you can combine them with garments of very striking colors so that they contrast; this way, the dress, top or pants will be the protagonists of your outfit. Also, you can choose blazers of very striking colors like blue, pink, yellow or even green and use garments of more neutral colors and you will highlight the blazer.

Another option that you can wear are denim blazers because this type of material is always characterized by being effortless chic, so a denim blazer can be the solution for a morning brunch and you can go for the printed or embroidered blazers to give it a little more originality to your day. If you do not love the idea and you like to be able to change the drawings you can add some colorful pins and add them to your denim blazer.

Remember that you should not always follow the rules that are established in fashion; fashion is something innovative that is changing every season. In the past, it was badly seen that you wear one color in all your outfit; however, now the monocolor look is often used, you can go completely in denim, blue, white or pink, also if you are not of the idea of ​​wearing a monocolor look, you can use the blazer and cropped pants sets, and combine the other accessories.

The advantage of the blazers is that they highlight any look, so you can incorporate athletic elements to your outfit. You can use tennis with a blazer and even some pants you wear for the gym. The athleisure gives you a lot of comfort as it incorporates sports elements in your outfit, being able to use it on different occasions. The blazers are also excellent for a feminine and sexy touch. You can combine an XL blazer, with a bralette or crop top and is perfect for a cocktail party. It will give a sexy and elegant touch to your outfit and finish the outfit with some stilettos.

The creation of Matilda by True Love was in 2011 and it has been journeys full of dreams and achievements, our goals has always been empowering women and help them make each one feel happy and reflect their inner and outer beauty. Every woman is unique and special and for this reason Matilda by True Love is constantly working to provide you with innovative and quality products. In Matilda we create fashion that empowers the women’s identity and we want that in our clothes every woman feel inspired to fulfill their dreams and be the best of them, facing challenges and achieving their goals and all this can start from the way we dress.

Finally, we want to remind you that Matilda by True Love is a leader in wholesale and retail fashion, so we want to offer you the most competitive prices, attractive products and above all we want you to succeed in your business by being recognized for having high quality products like our blazers for women on sale in Matilda by True Love. Contact us, we will be very happy to help you.

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