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Bohemian style came in the 70’s to stay. Who does not like music festivals and having a relaxed, joyful and artistic life? This is just what boho chic recalls.

Boho chic is a style that is relaxed, bohemian and above all sophisticated. Recall that this style carries colors of nature because it represents being in harmony with nature and life itself. Goodbye the stress of the city and the work. Simply dressing up one day with a boho style you can feel the tranquility and joy in the person wearing it.

For this reason, this outfit is widely used in music festivals and various concerts. The aim of this look is to convey tranquility, art, joy and originality in each garment and accessory. A boho outfit is a must that everyone should have in their closet. This style is a mix of different styles. The beginnings were when some artists, writers and musicians decided that they did not want to live attached to the material, money was not important for them, neither clothes nor accessories; what really mattered to them was art.

That was how at first it started out as an outfit that gave shouts of freedom from the capitalist world, where being a bohemian and free was the only objective. Later, this same style began to change. It could be said that at first this style was only: boho; however Siena Miller came and add a chic style and made this style one of the most desired.

The boho chic is timeless; you can use it in any season of the years. With the right accessories, you can transform it for summer or fall; this outfit will always be a good choice. The boho chic style is a style that can carry mixtures of fabrics, colors and prints. The garments have movement with ethnic and vintage touches. This style is a combination of styles that comes from the mix of different cultures of the cities in which these artists lived. The founders of the boho, constantly changed cities, they were nomads and lived in complete freedom to be inspired and perform their most brilliant creations. For this reason, in this style we can find dresses with European air, with feather earrings and suede jackets.

If we analyze an outfit of this style the star garments are usually skirts, dresses, vests and shorts. In this style, fringes have always had great relevance. This fall comes back with suede and denim embroidered as a romantic western style that evokes the old west. So if you already have one of these jackets that you normally use with a boho you can also use it with jeans this season.

The boho chic looks like it’s shabby but there’s nothing more wrong; each garment and accessory of this style is seriously thought to create the desired outfit. The secret to achieving an excellent outfit are the accessories that are chosen. We want to emphasize that this part is delicate because with a little that we exceeded it might seem that we are going to a Halloween party. The accessories can be vintage (usually vintage is from the 20’s). The accessory that cannot miss is a beige bag with fringes to complement this look.

To find the best of tops for women boho online you only need to go to our store, in the “tops” section. You will have many tops at your disposal, and start your search for the best tops for women boho online. On the right side, you can select the color you are looking for, as well as the desired price range and size (small, medium, large). Our purpose is that you save time from the beginning because you can separate garments by color, size and price. On the other hand, if you have time to see our options, we assure you that you will fall in love with more than one item.

When you select a garment you can find pictures with different colors that we have available, in different angles. In addition, we also share with you the description of the fabric of each item (for example: 90% cotton, 10% elastane). Also, it has an overview of the garment with colors available. We like to share with you every detail so you are sure to like the texture and every part of the item.

When you have already chosen the tops for women online boho you want to buy, go to the shopping cart and fill out the requested form. We accept paypal, amazon pay and credit card. These are some of our products that could help you create the perfect boho chic.

Flower girl

Casual and comfortable short dress with A-line drop with cute embroidered flowers.

65%Cotton 35%Polyester

  • 3/4 sleeve
  • Embroidered flowers
  • Short dress


Look as sexy as can be in this long sleeve crop top  with front open tie detail.

  • Open Tie Detail
  • Long Sleeve
  • Satin Feel


 A great casual richly decorated with embroidery 3/4 sleeve tunic to add to your everyday wardrobe. Featuring detailed decorative embroidery, and 100% cotton material.

  • Decorative Embroidery
  • 3/4 Sleeve Length
  • Tunic Style

Embroidered blouse

Gorgeous blouse with filled with embroidered love and bell cuffs.


  • tie neck detail
  • Bell cuffs
  • Embroidery detail

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