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In recent years virtual businesses have generated millions of dollars; just think about big businesses such as Amazon, Alibaba or Nasty Gal started up and ended up reporting millions of dollars. Your business can be the same or more profitable, all you have to do is be persevering and offer high quality in your products. In Matilda by True Love, we want to share some tips with you to have a successful e-commerce.

The first aspect to keep in mind is to be fast. Speed ​​is essential in the virtual world; for this reason the communication with the clients must be efficient and reckless. If you have a clothing store the main thing is to upload images of your new products quickly and with high quality. For example, in Matilda by True Love which is a wholesale clothing suppliers in LA we focus on the main page where you can see all our products, collections, retail and wholesale and with photos so that customers can see from the beginning what products we sell.

If you want to make an offer in a specific product, you should highlight it on your page so that customers know what benefits you are offering. Remember that a page is a store; so when people enter your website it must bea pleasant experience, just like if they went to a physical store should experience curiosity and a feeling of excitement to buy in your store.

A very important aspect is the buying experience that your client has on the page. If for any reason your shopping cart does not work or an error appears in the final form it is very likely that people will not return to buy and be angry making them not want to buy again in the short term in the store. This can cause you lose many customers due to a technological error. That is why we recommend that you periodically do a test from a computer to make a purchase, this way you will know how the users shopping experience is and if the page is working correctly.

On the other hand, if your page is very complicated, if the user has to fill out giant forms; also, clients are likely to despair and no longer want to continue with the procedure. Remember all the process should be easy, simple and efficient.

Keep your database updated so that if a customer has already registered or already shared with you their address for a delivery; try that they only need to confirm that this is the same address and not write everything again. For this reason, Matilda by True Love being wholesale clothing suppliers in LA must keep their databases up to date and with an easy and efficient process so that their customers only have to worry about choosing the garments they want.

Our buying process is as follows: when you enter the product you want, you select the color, size and number of clothes you want to buy. They are added to cart and you can continue shopping. If you decide to check out you can make the payment with Paypal or with Amazon Pay to avoid filling out your bank details form and you should only share with us where to send your order. On the other hand, you can also make the payment by credit card. Thus we cover the needs of each client.

Another very important aspect is to invest money in digital marketing. How many web pages are there in the world? How to make your store stand out? These are questions that we sometimes do not do ourselves. You might even think that you open a page already and customers will arrive alone; however, as in any store it is necessary to invest in advertising and marketing. The advantage is that you can reach more people and get the sales you want.

We recommend being present in social networks like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook; this way you will be able to interact daily with your clients. If you have new products, show it to them. The best thing about social networks is that you can upload photos that customers can view, comment on and ask their questions in that moment. Remember that digital marketing has many advantages; you can even choose which people, what age, sex and State are the ones you want to reach and make them see more ads; you can establish what your market niche is in e-marketing so you do not lose money by reaching people who will not be interested in your business.

Companies that only seek to obtain sales are in the past. Today, people are looking for an experience. As they have said millions of times … what does Starbucks offer? It is not only coffee, it is the experience of consuming coffee. If you had the option of going to two stores that have the same products, but the first one has nice music, the vendors are friendly, they offer you a bottle of water or sweets and they help you very carefully in the buying process; or there is another store that does not have air conditioning, the vendors talk to each other and do not help you find what you want and take a long time to charge you. Which one would you choose?

It is a very simple example, but we are sure that you would choose the first one. The same happens with online stores. If you have doubts in the purchase process, if you cannot select the products you want and no one answers the numbers or mail that are on the page; it is very likely that you do not feel like returning to that page.

There are many online stores that are fraudulent or fake. For this reason it is essential to increase the credibility of your store. Place phones, email and physical address. All this gives the clients security that you will be there to solve any problem or that they can go and visit you.

Study your customers so you can know what they bought or what the reasons why they did not buy were. Use social networks to know what they want and from there you can make your next marketing strategies. You can test various ads and find out which ones have the biggest impact on your customers. So you’ll be sure what kind of ads are the ones that your customers like best and which one generates more sales. In addition, it is very important to know which products are the most visited, in which subpage they spend most time, where they live, if they left an abandoned cart, among others. All this, will allow you to create strategies that help you to get more income and higher sales.

Having a virtual store is an adventure and also has expenses. You should not rent a place, but you must pay marketing and build trust in your customers and convince them to buy in your store. Become present in social networks and above all deliver the products you offer in the photographs.

If you are looking for a wholesale clothing suppliers in LA, with Matilda by True Love, you will find a partner who is concerned about your business. We are aware of the new trends in the big cities of fashion, we know the next trends and we design special garments so they have great success in the following seasons. We are a company that is passionate about fashion and we want the satisfaction of our customers in every purchase. We can deliver in the United States and Latin America; we have great commercial allies in various cities and we work together to make women feel confident, comfortable and trendy all around the world.


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