Clothes for sale online in Los Angeles

Recommendations before buying clothes online.

Welcome to Matilda by true love´s site. It is a pleasure to receive your visit one more time. Our company is made up of people who are passionate about fashion and want all women in the United States and Latin America have access to quality clothes and manage to feel confident and trendy. Matilda by true love is known for having clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, and is committed with their customers to bring the best trends so you can look amazing on every occasion. With us you will have the best prices and new clothes constantly.

When entering a page that offers clothes for sale online in Los Angeles or somewhere else. It is important that you feel safe when making the purchase. Shopping online has many benefits like not having to leave the comfort of your home or buy that dress while you are in the office and you can wear it the next weekend or have the ideal outfit for that important meeting. We are aware of the fears or insecurities that arise when buying online. Not all the pages we visit on the internet are serious sites and not all of them deliver the clothes that they offer in their websites. When buying online you have more doubts such as: Will they send the clothes? I hope it will fit me. The dress has zipper? How long will it take to deliver the clothes? How much do they charge for shipping? Will the site be reliable? among many others that emerge during the shopping process.

clothes for sale online in Los Angeles

So before making a purchase we recommend you consider the following:

  1. Before making an online purchase browse the page and verify that the payment methods are appropriate for you. It’s the first thing we need to see, before we start to look for new clothes because what’s the use of wasting an hour choosing products when you cannot pay with the method that the store has and leave an abandoned cart.

Start browsing the page and when you select the products you want, you can read the description or observe the photographs. In Matilda by true love, our images show the clothes by different angles so you can see it in every angle and observe with a zoom and look at the fabric and every aspect of the garments. Matilda’s site is divided into sections. In the section “Matilda’s closet” you can find all our products. For your convenience, you can select the price range you want and in this way, make your purchase easier and faster without worrying about the prices because you already choose the range. When selecting a garment, you can see it in zoom, so you can see the fabric and different fronts. Within this section, you can see the colors we have, the sizes and select them in the shopping cart.

  1. Once you have selected the clothes that you like, the next step is to solve your doubts about the material, the size of the small, medium or large. Sometimes when we order online we are not sure about the sizes because they change depending on the brands. So, it´s better to ask to the store before make a purchase and avoid returns or any disappointment. If you have doubts about the clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, the best thing to do is to call the store, via WhatsApp or email so that they can solve your doubts and have a pleasant purchase.

It is very important that you verify that there is a way to communicate with them by any unforeseen. In Matilda by true love, we have telephone numbers where you can find us, in addition to our store located in Los Angeles.

  1. If the page has a profile in social networks, you can enter to see the comments, the followers and read the recent content or activity of the Company. In Matilda by true love we have our blog and Facebook where we share our news and offers. Also, as we mentioned, we have a store in Downtown Los Angeles, if you are not sure about shopping with us online, you can always meet us at our store.
  2. Verify the purchase process. This includes, where to pay, who receives the deposit, shipping methods, delivery times and what happens if you don´t receive the clothes or they have some imperfection
  3. It is very important to track your order, either through calls, email or on the website. If the page uses external shipping companies, let them share a guide number with you so you can follow it.
  4. When you are making the deposit inside the page always verify that the URL begins with “https”. The “s” means that it is secure. If you enter and the URL is “http” (without the s) it means that it is not secure. You need to notice this detail because this avoids hackers and protects your data. This is important when entering your card numbers, but not at each step of the purchase. Another well-known and secure payment can be Paypal or similar companies that have elevated levels of security.
  5. A reliable site will always give you after-sales service. You can resolve your doubts, or follow up on your request by solving doubts and comments.

Once you have your cart full, and want to “check out”. A page with billing details will be displayed where you will be asked to fill in your data (we do not need an “s” here in http because it is not sensitive information, we will use it for delivery purposes. You will make the payment via PayPal and we will follow up, throughout the process, solving all your doubts so that you feel safe. In Matilda by true love, in addition to having a store in downtown, we also offer clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, we have social networks and a reputation that supports us. We are very happy that you visited us on our site and we hope to have your presence in our following posts, where you will know our offers and new products.