Dresses online shopping in Miami

Welcome to Matilda by true love´s site. It is a pleasure to receive your visit one more time. Our company is made up of people who are passionate about fashion and want all women in the United States and Latin America have access to quality clothes and manage to feel confident and trendy. In our blog, you will find the most wanted products in the market at the best prices. Matilda by true love is a company that keeps up with the latest trends in the market, with outstanding quality and excellent prices, we care to bring the best to your door. Among our products are coats, blouses, bomber jackets, blazers, coats, crop tops, skirts, leggings, pants, sweatshirts, sweaters, casual dresses and dresses online shopping in Miami in the United States and Latin America.

The dresses are a basic in our wardrobe because with them we can get the desired look to go to work, to a party or a normal day. Therefore, the styles of dresses are too many and that´s why Matilda by true love want to bring you only the best so you can feel confident and trendy.


In Matilda by true love, we have dresses for any occasion, our models come in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite among our great offer of clothes. Normally, the long dresses were the ones chosen for special occasions. However, today the short dresses bring elegance and sensuality at the same time. So, do not be afraid and bet also to make purchases of dresses online shopping in Miami. In our page, in the section of Matilda’s closet, you can select “dresses” and find our great offer of dresses, you can apply a filter for prices. When selecting any dress, you can see images from different angles so you can see how it looks in every angle and know if it has a zipper, buttons or other detail.

As you can see, we have fashionable dresses for any occasion. Our sizes are small, medium and large. We have dresses with transparencies, denim, printed, smooth, stretch, among others. In Matilda by true love we know that there is a dress for every occasion, so having a varied inventory of dresses in our boutique is fundamental for us, so we can offer you variety, innovation and price in one place. Some of the trends we will see during 2017 are bolder and newer, however, retro style and bomber jackets with eighties and nineteen styles will also be present. Check out our recommendations for this year:

  • White color. The white remains throughout the year and will be one of the main colors of this season. Plain white garments, with printed or transparencies needs to be in your closet, we will also see complete styles in white.
  • Multicolor looks. This look is very risky, but during this season will be trend. As well as its opposite, one color looks. If you have a favorite color it´s time to use it, bet on the white or pink that will also be predominant.
  • This season, everything is fine, we can use striped with frames, opposite colors, use different fabrics, so let your imagination run wild because everything is allowed!
  • This style is timeless, but during this season will come in coordinated, contrasting colors, fabrics and many ruffles. Woven dresses and blouses with flowers with bare shoulders will be the basics of this season. You must have at least one in your closet.

We can also see other trends, such as layers of clothing and deconstruction. However, the garment that you must have in your closet are strip dresses. These dresses simulate lingerie, they are made with satin and lace. Remember bralettes? Well, this trend began with bralettes, but this season the satin will be present in long dresses, shorts, blouses, coordinates and even palaxos.

All the trends that we share with you. We confirmed them, at the fashion event of the year: Met Gala. Where we could see very interesting and incredible outfits, also some of them were sexy, simple and elegant, and other very daring. At the Met Gala we saw dresses like the one used by Selena Gomez, evoking a romantic style with flowers or think of Kim Kardashian’s white dress with ruffles. Probably the most striking outlook has been Rihanna’s dress. Also, Gigi Hadid with satin, pink and deconstruction, Jennifer Lopez using silk and transparencies. We can also see the return of the 90’s in the dress of Kendall Jenner that brings again the thongs to the red carpet and transparencies.

When we talk about Met gala we refer to fashion and art. And if we start analyzing each outfit we can find the essentials that we share here in Matilda by true love with you. This was an advance of all the newest trends that we are having in 2017. Our fame is based on innovation. Therefore, we have a team of experts who gives us daily reports of world market trends. Thus, we seek to offer just the best products for you, like blouses or dresses online shopping in Miami. Remember, if you are looking for the newest trends just go to www.matildabytruelove.com, and find the hottest, newest trends, inspired from all over the world to create outfits that will inspire a confident, trendy woman!We look forward to your next visit and share with you our products and services.