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Welcome to the official site of Matilda, we are very happy to have your visit once again because winter is coming and that means only one thing: change of season! The outfits of autumn and winter will be recognized by their own personality. Each of the trends will be able to highlight details, textures, applications, and we will continue with the presence of embroidery tops for women and not only tops, there will be embroidery in dresses, coats, jackets and more.

The difference is that next season the pearls will come to accompany the embroidery tops for women to give a more chic and original touch to each of the garments. Imagine a white blouse with embroidered flowers and pearls, jeans and stilettos that will allow you to have a casual outfit instantly by looking feminine and showing your personality and power to the world.

In addition, next season will be full of Vichy print; this fashion that emerged from the tablecloths of a small French town now invades the catwalks around the world. You can see this trend in blouses, skirts, dresses, blazers, coats and more. Any garment will be a good option to be of this style. The classic is black with white, however there may be many colors so it can be very versatile and above all it will allow you to choose your favorite color in this pattern.

The prints take leadership; this season we will have bold prints that will allow you to have original outfits that can transmit your personality and energy to other people in what you fulfill each of your dreams. Another trend allowed this season will be denim, it will be allowed to wear outfits entirely of denim and if you have embroidery tops for women of denim, your outfit will be of the most desired. Also, in denim they will wear torn jeans, waves, and embroidery will be anywhere.

The one-colored outfits that previously were not so well seen, take relevance this season. The sets of pink pants and blazer will be the sensation to highlight your personality and femininity because is the casual look to achieve a balance in your boyish outfit and is ideal for an office look since you will always be ready for any situation. In addition, this type of looks will come in several colors but we recommend that you bet on the strong colors in which people can see your presence anywhere you arrive.

For Matilda each season is an adventure of creation, every day we work for our clients and design thousands of garments that are innovative and of quality to be able to offer fashion at an affordable price for our clients. We are a company that sells retail and wholesale so that with us you will find unique garments that highlight your personality, making you feel trendy and beautiful at every moment of the day.

This season in particular has been a wonderful journey and a challenge since it has allowed us to unfold our imagination and work with vibrant and eye-catching colors, creating new prints and embroidery tops for women original and with their own personality. Each of our designs is designed so that it stands out and can empower women in all the roles they have to live as a professional, daughter, sister, mother, wife or girlfriend every day. We want that in each one of those roles they can be themselves, feeling sure of themselves and their body because they will be sure that they look incredible with our designs.

Achieving your dreams begins by dressing up in the way you want others to identify you. Fulfilling dreams depends a lot on how others perceive you, so looking great will give you the extra you need to perform all your daily activities and feel good. We are happy to offer you a great collection for the next season where you will find all the trends but with a unique and special air that makes you identify with your clothes.

For us it is a great commitment and passion to create fashion that empowers women’s identity that pushes her to fulfill her dreams looking fantastic; for this reason we work to bring more fashion to women in the United States and Latin America and achieving that every day more women feel empowered by the garments they use and start to fulfill their dreams, we want to help each woman to be the best version of herself and that is what the design of each of our garments looks for.

Our designers are aware of each of the trends that begin to emerge in each of the major cities of fashion such as Milan, New York, Tokyo, Paris and of course Los Angeles which allows us to know what will be the next trends and include them in our designs but we do it in an original way, to create new, innovative designs, with great quality and taking care of the price so that our clients can benefit from them; and in the case of our wholesale customers, they can increase their return on investment since our garments have a high turnover so they can have new clothes in their store constantly and thus offer their customers novelties and gain recognition and loyalty.

In Matilda by True Love we are leaders in wholesale and retail fashion and we want to offer you competitive prices and attractive garments so you can have a successful business (wholesale) or look amazing with original models (retail) for this reason we also have an online business to be able to reach more women. We are located in Downtown in Los Angeles where we live fashion in the Fashion District and you can find a wide variety of products including embroidery tops for women.

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