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The spring and summer season was full of embroidery tops for women; they all had at least one blouse with embroidery of flowers to go out for a walk around the city. However, winter begins to cool the streets of all cities and with winter comes new trends that invite us to wrap ourselves a little more, with jackets, blazers, coats and another style of embroidery tops for women.

If we talk about embroidery tops for women we are sure that at least you have a blouse like that in your wardrobe; but in winter they are also an excellent option to use them with jeans or under a trench coat. The blouses that we recommend are long sleeves and the must have are the white ones that you can wear with a lot of garments. The embroidery is ideal to go to the office and achieve a more formal outfit without losing style.

The frills are still present this season; many blouses will have frills in the sleeves. This is a great pro for the winter season because they will shelter us. If you wear burgundy blouse with frills, with metallic pants your outfit will be the ideal to go out one night, happy hour or even a working girl outfit. On the other hand, if you want a more casual outfit, we recommend a white blouse with frills and some mom pants with tennis and will be ready for brunch or stilettos to give it a more formal touch.

The off shoulder blouses continue to be a trend, although we will have to use more layers to keep us warm; a great option is to combine it with an XL coat or an XL blazer to give you comfort and stay trendy during the cold. The embroidery tops for women of flowers and floral prints will be a must this season, the flowers arrive to give us a little warmth in these cold days and the best thing is that you can combine them with a lot of garments. Blouses with flowers are for a casual outfit or even to go out at night. Everything will depend on the accessories you want to carry

The ties and laces on the blouses will be very present; and we can see them in different details of the garments, in the neck, shoulders, sleeves and waist. The ties give a touch of glamor to the blouses and are ideal for outfits of working girl. If your blouse has ties, we recommend you to comb your hair with a knot so that your blouse can shine. The ties in the neck give them a touch of elegance and are excellent for any occasion.

The asymmetrical blouses are ideal for this season; and we do not just talk about having a sleeve. The blouses will include ties, off-shoulder and silk-like fabrics that will give us a free and sexy look.

Another trend that will continue to be present and we all love is transparencies. The transparencies will be in blouses, skirts and dresses and we love them. In addition, blouses with transparencies mix trends; this means that we can have transparencies and ties, transparencies with embroidery tops for women which gives any outfit a romantic, unique and delicate style. Just look at the Instagram of any influencer and we will have thousands of ideas to include the transparencies in our daily life. The lace in the blouses continues this season and if we include them in the transparencies they will give a sensual and very feminine touch.

White blouses are a must; we should always have one in our closet. These blouses are timeless and can save us for any occasion, combining them with jeans, tennis and over a trench there is nothing to stop you. In addition, the best thing about the white blouse is that it gives us the opportunity to combine it with a large number of garments.

As in the dresses, this season comes the retro blouses with round necks, big shoulders and details on the back and of course the British squares will be everywhere this season, as well as Vichy squares that will allow us to experience the glamor of the 50’s with a millennial touch with a metallic trench coat or a fluffy coat.

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