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Welcome once more to the site of Matilda by True Love. For many centuries ago, the embroidery on the garments has been a tradition in the world of fashion. Embroidery is an art that decorate the garments with thread and this season will not be the exception. The 2018 season begins, after seeing the great parades and seeing the beautiful trends that are approaching for this year it is impossible not to notice that the new embroidery tops for women will be Jacquard style.

These tops will be the new trend for 2018, in addition to being used for the famous layering that will consist of a top of embroidery tops for women on top of a shirt. The style of the classic tailoring will be respected during this season. But where did these famous Jacquard tops come from? The name of these tops is in honor of Joseph Marie Jacquard who was the creator of a loom in the years of eighteen hundred.

Jacquard resided in Lyon, France and in 1800 he invented a programmable loom. This machine was really innovative for that time because it was a loom with perforated cards that allowed the passage of some needles that moved the threads to weave silk; this sequence of cards allowed creating repetitions of drawings on the cloth.

This loom is one of the precursors of computers. Each of the cards contained a perforated design that allowed knitting what revolutionized the textile industry. At that time began the industrial revolution so this invention came to help create more pieces with one man (without spending so many salaries); the method of this loom allowed that people who do not know anything about knitting could create patterns by only operating this machine.

In 2018 the personality and unique elements are those that reign in the world of fashion, people look for unique aspects in fashion that can identify them as unique and also can show the world their personality. As we have mentioned in other posts, fashion is an art because you can influence people, in their way of feeling and thinking. Choosing an outfit and analyzing what you want to project is something that we should do daily depending on the activities we are going to do to be able to fulfill our dreams more easily and influence our environment.

Last year, the fervor were embroidery tops for women with Bardot neckline or cold shoulder; but this year the embroidery tops for women will come renewed. In this year we will find metallic, cosmic garments of very striking colors as well as candy colors that will remind us of the romanticism of spring. In addition, the transparencies will continue with great influence during this year to highlight the sensuality, femininity and mystery in each outfit that we wish to use.

As for the tops, the embroidery tops for women that will reign will be the Jacquard tops. This type of embroidery can be achieved in tops, skirts and even jackets. The difference is that to achieve the current prints on the garments only one ink is used and printed on the fabric; however, in the case of Jacquard tops, a smooth fabric is used and with the loom different patterns can be created using mixtures of yarns of different colors, thickness and even materials, which gives new life to our garments.

This style is able to evoke the sophistication and elegance of previous years and bring it with an urban and current style. Also if we embrace the style of layering, these tops cannot be missing in our wardrobe, we can use it with midi skirts, pants, shorts, in a few words: with anything!

On the other hand, the embroidery tops for women during 2018 will be present in the cosmic style. This year there will be silver glimmers and sparkles everywhere remembering the time of the 60’s and 80’s because the retro style will be what we will adore this year. And the color that will characterize 2018 will be the ultra violet, this is a color that is created from blue and red and is characterized by being a color that evokes spirituality, taking our consciousness and potential to a higher level than before we did not know.

This color is characterized by being mystical and full of creativity so do not wait any longer and you should have at least one garment of this color in your wardrobe. This color encourages and inspires to improve artistic expression and spiritual reflection. Go ahead and use the colors and styles of this season and create new outfits expressing to the world who you are and how far you want to go.

In Matilda by True Love, you will find the best trends because we have people in the main fashion cities in the world like Tokio, New York, Pari and Milan analyzing trends of it-girls, street style, and looking for what´s new in the world of fashion. Also, they help us to design and bring to you the clothes that will be trendy during each season.

If you are looking for amazing clothes, Matilda by True Love is the place to go. We are sure that in our store you will find the clothes that you need. We invite you to visit our store located in the Fashion District at 800 12th St. Suite 116 Los Angeles, CA and we will gladly help you and resolve any doubts that may arise.

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