Embroidery tops for women

Do you know what colors to use?

When we talk about fashion, we think about trends, new colors, cuts and textures. However, we usually think about how to combine those colors with garments, but we almost never think about which of those colors or types of embroidery tops for women, fit us best. Each color that we use reflects ideas, concepts and even moods of each person. Sometimes, the colors already have cultural meanings that may be unconscious for the person. For example, white is used for wedding dresses because it means purity and honesty. Also, they recommend attending job interviews with blue garments because at the subconscious level conveys confidence and honesty. Other color is yellow, that reflects happiness and an active person.

Every day in the morning you should evaluate the occasion and the activities that you are going to do that day. For example, we can choose blue colors for a job interview, but if we choose the same color with lots of embroidery tops for women, it would no longer look good on that occasion. But the same blue blouse, would be amazing to go out on a Saturday night.


In addition of our skin color, you must use colors that make you feel comfortable with yourself. For example, if you do not like being the center of attention do not use red, yellow or bright orange. Sometimes this goes unnoticed. But, it is important that when shopping you always consider your skin tone and personality so try to choose the colors that make you look more beautiful. We would like to say, that your skin color doesn’t matter, you can always use the colors that you like the most and always look beautiful; but, if you want to highlight your skin and the garment, you must avoid the colors that are similar to our skin tone.

If your skin is very clear, like Dakota and Elle Fanning. You can choose bright red, black, blue or dark green to highlight your skin. On the other hand, if you want to wear beige or khaki, you will need to highlight your garments with some dark or printed accessories, because it would appear that you don’t have any clothes at all (even more if you are using leggings). If you want to use brown or gold, use it with glitter or embroidery tops for women to highlight the clothes and not the color of your skin. If you have clear skin, such as Paris Hilton or Cameron Diaz (this is a darker skin type than the previous one). Neutral colors like gray, black, pink, red, purple or blue are perfect for you. Like, the firs type of skin. If you want to use khaki colors you must use them with embroidery, glitter or prints.

If you have intermediate skin, like Selena Gomez or Penelope Cruz, you are very lucky because they can pick more colors than the previous ones. The light blue color can be used because you will highlight the natural tan of your skin, the gray color is also a good color if you do not want to attract attention. On the other hand, you can also use beige or gold colors that highlight the tone of your skin. If you have dark skin, such as Rihanna or Halley Berry. You can use colors such as white, black with transparencies like lace or tulle that make you show off your skin tone and highlight the garments. Yellow is an excellent choice if you want to attract attention. The emerald green is also a must, accompanied by embroidery you will show off the beautiful tonality of your skin.

It is important to know that the luminosity of the garment´s colors must be opposite to that of our skin color, because they are the ones that will be more favorable for us. Finally, we would like to share with you the types of embroidery tops for women are, so you can choose the best style for you. Embroidery, is a handicraft of decorating fabrics with needle and we can incorporate materials like feathers, sequin, pearls, etc.  This technique is an ancient trend that is used in couture collections.

For those, who like to change their wardrobe every season, one secure purchase is to buy embroidery tops for women, those blouses will have a stellar role along with the off-shoulder and cold shoulder blouses, they will be the best street-style for this season. Embroidery will be anywhere this season. We will find them on coats, jackets, accessories, shirts, blouses, dresses, lingerie and swimming suites. Sometimes, we only find embroidery made of exquisite fabrics. But, this season we will find lots of designs, with different fabrics and in lots of garments. Go for embroidery tops for women!

The 2017 trend of embroidered fashion is here and it´s very exciting, go to the boutiques and of course in Matilda by true love, where you´ll find the most exquisites embroidered blouses, jackets and dresses for this season. Also, if you don´t like quite much some garments you can always make yours. Nowadays, there are lots of tutorials and classes in different stores so you can make a unique model in your garments. Remember, in Matilda by true love you can always find the best and newest trends so you can feel sophisticated, beautiful, sexy and confident with yourself. We will be happy to see you in our store in Los Angeles or in our web page.