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Welcome back to Matilda’s blog. In this post we want to share with you how to have a successful store and properly accommodate your fashion jackets women apparel, which will help increase the sales of your store considerably.

By having a store using fashion jackets women apparel several steps must be followed to ensure that our store is successful, having greater profits and loyalty in our customers. The success of a store depends entirely on your customers going regularly and recommends it and to achieve this we must analyze: What it is that customers expect to see in our store? What do you expect to find? And analyze what elements we like from other stores to be able to incorporate it and adapt it to the needs of our store.

For a store to be successful it is necessary that customers feel comfortable in it, the environment should invite customers to stay as long as they want; analyze the stores that you like the most … What does it smell like? How is the lighting? Is it clean? How is the decoration?

Every detail in the stores is important for customers to return. The smell of the store is very important so we recommend that you always put the same fragrance so that when you smell it the customers relate it to your store, it must be pleasant smell and not too strong so that it does not bother the customers; the cleanliness of the shop is of great importance, nobody wants to go to a dirty place so a clean mirror in the dressing room, and the shelves is very important (besides preventing the merchandise from getting dirty from dust). Illumination is another detail that can sometimes go unnoticed, but correct lighting in certain items can increase your sales considerably. Make sure that the mannequins are always illuminated so that they attract the attention of the clients, also the light in the accessories also increase their sale. On the other hand, indirect and warm light makes customers feel more comfortable. In addition, the lighting can make you feel that the place is wider.

Music is another element that should not be missing in your store, remember that it should be in the background and that it is not too strong and does not bother customers. The music you use must go according to what you sell, that is, music that your customers will like. So at the least expected time, customers will be comfortable singing in your mind while watching your products comfortably.

The dressing room is a very important area for the store because this is where people decide whether or not to buy your merchandise; verify that the lighting is adequate and that the place is spacious and comfortable in case the person is accompanied. Normally, women go with someone else when buying clothes and often help make the purchase decision. Try to have a wide mirror so that the person can be seen when trying on the clothes, chairs for the companions, as well as a place to hang the bag and have privacy.

Nowadays, the internet is fundamental in daily life. The free Wi-Fi in the store can bring you more benefits because people will be comfortable and especially the companions, while they wait; having free Wi-Fi makes people feel welcome and gives a feeling of well-being inside the store.

The prices must be very clear for the clients to avoid misunderstanding; if you are going to have offers, we recommend that you place posters with the offers and use the social networks to make them known and thus the offers are very clear for the clients. This way you will avoid that some client feels that he has been deceived. In addition to place the offers, prices must also be very clear so you must place labels with prices; if you have an offer, do not just place the percentage of the offer, place what will be the final amount that the customer has to pay so the client will feel that the store is honest and clear.

Sellers must help cordially; they should give them freedom so that customers do not feel pressured to make the purchase. There are occasions when sellers are so aggressive that people do not want to return because they feel pressured to make a purchase. The salesperson should be kind, offer advice if asked, be on the lookout for someone who needs help and above all, be kind. Also, sellers must analyze what type of client they have to offer help without making them feel that they are being pressured. It is very important to train sellers to know what to offer in the store, if the seller does not know the products, colors of the season or suggested combinations will be very difficult to offer customers the help they need. Remember that the seller is the image of the store so it must be in line with the ideology, products and news.

In Matilda by True Love you will find fashion jackets women apparel that will serve to increase your sales and be recognized among your customers as a store that offers a wide variety of products, textures and designs of great quality and at excellent prices. With Matilda, you can stock your store at anytime and anywhere with our online shop option or if you wish you can visit us in LA, in the fashion district. We will be very happy to work together in order to increase your sales.


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