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Do you know the types of textures in jackets?

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Clothing resemble art, because it helps you to express yourself. Sometimes, clothes aren´t consider like art; but, clothes also convey emotions and perceptions about a person. Think in a friend you recently met… what did you think about her/him?… It is interesting to analyze the first impression that you had about them. For example, what would you think about a woman in a long yellow silk dress in a party, or the same woman in the same party wearing a loose romantic dress. Clothing is part of us and it can change the way people think about us (at least the first time they meet us).


Clothing is not only pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, raincoats or fashion jackets women apparel. Besides the actual garments, one of the most essential elements of garments is color and textures. The same blouse can look very different if it is made with suede, cotton, linen or silk. We must always remember that people enjoy clothing with their eyes and touch. On this occasion, we want to share with you some of the distinct types of fashion jackets women apparel that we can find commonly in shopping malls. Typically, the term “texture” refers to the surface of an object. However, in fashion it is also used to know the method in which a garment can be knitted so that the fabric achieves a special and unique effect.

There is sequin, wool, embroidery, leather, among other types of jackets that gives a special touch to any vestment with which you choose to combine it. Textures are very important in the garment industry because the textures can determine the shape of the garment. When you want to wear a fashion jackets women apparel made of sequin. Wear it with a skirt, dress or a long-sleeved shirt with neutral colors and smooth textures. You can even wear a monochrome outfit. For example, a white monochrome with a sequin jacket with vivid colors.

If you want to use a jacket of metallic colors. What you must look at is not to dull the shine of the jacket with other clothes. You can use monochromatic looks with neutral colors like white, gray or black to highlight the jacket and be the protagonist of your outfit. If you want to use a jacket with prints, we recommend using the same range of colors in the other garments so that there is harmony between them. For example, if you want a jacket with zebra animal print, use a black monochrome look. Thus, the jacket will take the principal role. On the other hand, if you have a bomber jacket with bright pink small floral prints, use it with jeans, a white off-shoulder tee or pastel pink.

In the trend of denim jackets; you can choose between prints, embroidery, patches or studs. First, you should decide between the textures. For example, if you go for the studs, you can use a metallic silver look on your other clothes. On the other hand, if you choose patches or embroidery of a certain color try to wear in your other clothes something that combines with them, using the same range of colors. If you are going to wear a leather jacket, just like the previous ones. We recommend that you wear garments of the same color range or neutral colors. For example, if you are wearing a chestnut brown leather jacket, you can wear it with jeans and a white, beige or golden blouse. However, if you wear a black leather jacket, a beige blouse would not look good. Nevertheless, a silver, gray or white would suit very well.

As we can see the textures, they can dramatically change an outfit. A black leather jacket is not the same as a sequin jacket. Therefore, in addition to colors we should create a balance between textures. Consider what is the garment you want to give distinction so that the others are neutral colors, don’t forget to consider the textures of fashion jackets women apparel. Tweed jacket. Occasionally, these jackets can come with skirts or pants that match them, as well as a suit that is ideal to go to work. We must make sure that the blouse is smooth by highlighting one of the colors of the tweed. For example, if it is white with black try to wear a black or white blouse, but do not add more printed stuff to your outfit.

Suede jackets are ideal for a boho chic outfit. Remember that this style can be achieved with natural or “earth” colors. Considering that you want to use a suede or a leather jacket, accompany it with sandals or cowboy boots. A bag with brown fringes to give it an ethnic touch, plus a white off-shoulder with embroidery and denim shorts. Matilda by true love is the must-have sexy, sophisticated fashion brand for work, the weekend, or going out. Its what’s new and hot for young fashion-forward women. With Matilda by True Love, you can always expect the hottest, newest trends, inspired from all over the world to create outfits that will inspire a confident, trendy woman!