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Welcome to the scandalous life of the elite of the Upper East Side … that phrase changed the meaning of each Monday while Gossip Girl lasted; no doubt this series was the one that came to put out the suffering that emerged when Sex and the City ended; but the of GG left us with a great emptiness in our hearts. During the series we saw a large number of outfits; without a doubt it was in this series where the boho began to take relevance and made us want to go for tops for women boho online and achieve some original looks.

Gossip Girl started in 2007 and ended in 2012 leaving a hole in all our hearts. The series was narrated by a blogger who apparently was anywhere, due to the information that large number of followers sent her. Gossip Girl was the beginning of a new era where influencers, it girls, bloggers and fashion came together showing the world a new way to share information and trends. For those who do not remember, the story begins with the return of Serena to New York; and her best friend Blair Waldorf does not receive her very well on her return. In addition, she tells the story of a group of teenagers in New York; each one with a different style and of course showing what we like the most: Fashion!

Serena had a striking and unique style; a kind of mix between Kate Moss and Siena Miller; giving rise to an original and fresh style. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are the pioneers of the creation of boho chic so we could see a large number of outfits in Serena of this style that made us fell in love completely. It is difficult to achieve this look, because we can go from boho chic to people think we are going to a Halloween party because if we exceed the accessories or clothes, it may easily loses the essence resulting in a failure. For those who die to buy tops for women boho online but do not know how to combine it, this series can give you great ideas; many of Serena´s outfits are boho chic.

Serena pull-off so many outfits inspired by the boho chic where it could not miss a beige dress, brown stilettos, vests and of course maxi dresses or accessories that made us fall in love with each outfit in each chapter. On the other hand, Vanessa, Dan’s best friend, was loved or hated. Without medium terms, she was also a representation of this look, always with accessories such as giant earrings, necklaces and a vintage touch made her outfits a success; regardless of whether we like her or hated her.

Vanessa had a more relaxed style than Serena’s; and we saw her with flats on many occasions, white embroidered blouses and vests. It seems that Vanessa always had exclusive garments, being an expert in looking at vintage stores for original and unique pieces; accusing everyone of being superficial while looking for the most original items in each of the stores; what identifies the vintage style is that they are unique pieces that were used in the decade of the 20’s until the mid-seventies (that´s why they are original).

We must remember that boho chic style, it is inspired by ethnic, vintage, gypsy elements and also have a hippie twist. The boho was born less than a decade ago and gives us the idea of ​​being scruffy and relaxed. However, each element is well-studied to give the desired look and balance.

During the series we could see boho and boho chic; sometimes we can get confused with these two but the main differences is that the boho have more elements of other trends, and usually is more relaxed; but in boho chic style, maxi dresses are very common. The goal is to make the dress stand out using gold, silver or other accessories that highlight the dress, that can be white or beige made of materials like gauze or cotton (usually using a vintage dress with embroidery). Another feature of the boho and boho chic are shorts that look like they are old, as well as large accessories like necklaces, earrings and very large bracelets.

In Matilda by true love we sell tops for women boho online; where you may choose colors inspired by nature such as beige, brown, red, orange and green. As well as textures, that should be leather, suede, linen and among others. In order to find the best of tops for women boho online you only need to go to our store, in the “tops” section. Hundreds of garments will appear at your disposal and begin your search for the perfect top for your outfit. On the right side, you can select the color you are looking for, as well as the desired price range and size (small, medium, large). Our purpose is that you save time from the beginning because you can separate garments by color, size and price; and only see what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you have time to see our options, we assure you that you will find dresses, shorts or other items that will go perfectly with your boho look.

We invite you to know more about our business, browse the page and you will find photographs of each of our products in the available colors. It includes a description of each product and its price. If you have any questions please call us or write us an email. We will be very happy to help you to achieve all the outfits that you dreamt about while enjoying gossip girl. See you until our next post XOXO Matilda by True Love.


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