How to be a wholesale clothing distributor?

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Welcome once more to Matilda by true love’s official website, we are recognized for being a wholesale clothing distributors in Los AngelesWe have people who are searching for new trends daily, what are the main garments to wear, what are the garments that are causing sensation in the catwalk, as well as the favorite garments in every fashion city like Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Tokyo, among others. Our mission is to bring the best garments so you can achieve a perfect outfit looking radiant and confident of yourself.

Our commitment is to be a wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles where you can find the best clothes at the best prices, with the quality you are looking for to satisfy your customers. You can visit our store in the fashion district in Los Angeles. However, to benefit our customers, we recommend that you also visit our online store where you can find hundreds of models specially designed for you. Without the need to travel to Los Angeles you can place an order and our commitment is to take the clothes to the front door of your business.

Our payment methods are very comfortable since we accept Amazon pay, Paypal and credit card, making the purchase process easier for the owners of the boutiques, who only have to worry about which garments to choose. If you are planning to become a wholesale seller, this is a post for you. The first thing you need to do is a product analysis. In this case it would be: what kind of clothes to sell? and why?

When opening a business, we have to identify the following aspects:

– Competition. It is important to know the competition because it is worth analyzing if it is already a very saturated market. If there are already many distributors who sell the same clothes in the area where you want to do it; or on the contrary, there is a need that has not been covered by any and that you can meet.

– Research the prices of your competition. This helps you know how much people are willing to pay for products similar to yours. If you find prices too high, customers may not want to buy your products. On the other hand, it is not advisable to go down much since you can start a price war and cause no one to earn the margin they need to survive.

– How will you distribute the product? This is an essential aspect that you should analyze, because when you are wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles one of your benefits has to be excellence in deliveries, meaning that the merchandise arrives in good condition, in the agreed time and the garments that requested. Analyze if you are going to distribute it or if you will make alliances with logistics companies.

– Being wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world, you should consider that people will resell your product, so they also need a margin of profit. For example, you sell to a boutique and the boutique to the final customer. If you increase the price, your client will increase it plus his profit and the sell it. Sometimes if your client or you increase too much the price, the product will be uncompetitive for the final consumers.

As wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles you must have several suppliers to be able to cover various market niches. Also, you must be aware of upcoming trends, even before the owners of the boutiques as your job is to bring trends and fashion before it arrives.

When you want to become wholesaler, it also brings with you some differences like the following:

– You have more than one type of client: retail customers and other wholesalers. You must have prices for different types of customers, to make it attractive for both. Internally, we recommend setting price ranges to make it easier administratively.

Place a minimum order. You must establish when your customers will have other benefits (better prices), so it will be clear to everyone how much they should shop for cheaper prices. For example: If you buy 50 units the price is $ 10 dollars per unit; if you buy 60 pieces it is $ 8 dollars. You need to have very clear price ranges to offer. It is very common that when you have new customers, you are asked to lower the prices a little to help them. You must be very clear with your costs because if you give more discounts than you can afford you can run the risk of closing the business.

One of the newest trends is the drop shipping, companies like Amazon do it. That is, customers offer your products on their pages (but they do not buy it yet), you still have the inventory. When a customer decides to buy it, you send it directly to the customer. This can save costs, increase the places where you can offer your products, but also may cause you to stay with inventory for longer period of time and not be able to rotate it constantly. You need to do a cost analysis to see if this option might be feasible or not for you.

With Matilda, you will find a partner who is concerned about your business. We are aware of the newest trends in the big cities of fashion, we know the next trends and we design special garments so that they have great success in the following seasons. We are a company that is passionate about fashion and the satisfaction of our customers. We can deliver in the United States and Latin America having great commercial allies in various cities working together to make women feel confident, comfortable and trendy.

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