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You want to start your business in fashion, but you do not know where to start. Then, this post is for you. We have already mentioned it in other posts but one of the main aspects that you must keep in mind is what type of clothes you are going to sell and to know what your market niche is.

In the beginning you must define if you want to sell clothes for men, children, babies or women. If you’ve already decided that you want to sell women’s clothing, what follows is to analyze the age range of your clients, how much can they pay for your products, what their tastes and lifestyle is. Remember that you must know your niche market perfectly so that you can offer the best products and they always want to buy you every new item you have or publish in your store.

Fashion has too much competition, but if you know how to determine your niche there is an opportunity for everyone and you will see that your income will rise to the sky. In order to determine a niche market you can do a market research. The goal is to find a niche that is unattended and does not have a place with which to identify.

Market research involves gathering data to make the best decision. In this specific case, it would collect data from the people you want to attend. For example, where are they going to buy, how often do they buy clothes, what is the purchasing power, which stores could be your competition and which ones are complementary, what are their tastes, what are their dreams and objectives, etc. Although it may seem irrelevant, every question can influence the decision to create your business.

The goal of market research is to know if your idea is good, also to know the ideal prices to sell your products are and the aspects that could affect the purchase, make a sales forecast and determine what products they need. All this helps us to know the buying behavior of our potential customers; with this we can know how we can satisfy our customer and what products could be a success.

To carry out this research is simple; all you need is perseverance and patience. Do not be discouraged if people at first do not want to answer, go to the next and try again. Do not take it personal and focus on your goal that is to become the best jackets supplier online and have one of the most attractive clothing stores.

The questionnaire you carry out will depend on where your store is located, whether it is online, physical, or if you offer both options (online and physical). The survey can be face-to-face, online, from the telephone, observation or focus group. The telephone method is not recommended because some people usually distrust or hang up the phone when they know it is a survey.

Observation is a very useful method, if your store is physical and you are just going to decide where to rent or buy your local. Go to the mall that you have in mind, sit on a bench and observe the people (near where you want the store and also change places to see all the mall) so you can see if people are just going for a walk or they actually carry bags, also analyze how many bags they have, what brand they are, if they are big or small, what days are the most visited, how many people walk where your local would be. All this serves to analyze the buying behavior of your future customers. Sometimes, after this observation, people prefer not to rent in that square because there are fewer people than imagined or because they do not buy clothes and only go to services such as haircut or gym.

When you observe, you can take advantage of a face-to-face survey to the people who are walking around that look or are the niche market you want to attend; ask them why they shop at that store, what they are looking for, what they like most in a store, how often they buy clothes, what they need, what they would like to have, and so on. We recommend that you do not exceed more than 10 questions because people can get tired of answering questions and stop answering. If you have more than 10 questions, you can have two questionnaires and apply them until you have a representative sample.

The focus group is usually used by the largest companies and consists of bringing together a group of people for an hour or two hours where people share what they think, what they are looking for and you can do a deeper investigation. What do they think of your products, would they buy them, why or why not? Normally when doing this type of focus groups you should give something to the people who attend so that people are motivated to go.

After gathering all the information, it should be analyzed to define key aspects for your business.

Afterwards, a supplier must be found; suppose you decided to sell lady clothes by focusing on jackets, jackets and vests because there are no stores that sell that and your customers want variety in these products. So besides selling the basics like blouses, pants, dresses; your store will focus on being the best in jackets, jackets and vests. For this reason we will focus on finding the best jackets supplier online.

Finding the best jackets supplier online is one of the most important steps as this will depend on our success. The quality and price is everything. If our customers think that the garments are of poor quality they will not return and will tell their friends and acquaintances not to go. On the contrary, if the store is of excellent quality with affordable prices you will increase your profits.

To find a supplier, you need to analyze what you are looking for. If you want to physically go to the place and choose the clothes, or you want to choose your clothes online and don´t worry abput the transportation. One option for your business is to shop at Matilda by True Love. We are the best jackets supply online. With us you can visit our physical store located in Los Angeles or simply order online, reducing your transportation costs and saving time to occupy your business and not waste days to go for merchandise and neglect your business.

In Matilda by True Love, you can register and know our news, prices, sizes and colors. All in one place, we constantly update our page so you always have new products. If you buy wholesale we offer you better prices and different models to choose from so that your store always has innovative clothes, with excellent quality that your customers fall in love with. When choosing the garment we take it to your store. The payment methods we have are very friendly. You can use Paypal, Amazon pay or credit card. You fill out a form where we will know where to send the merchandise to you and that’s it. It’s fast, easy and efficient!

We recommend that you thoroughly investigate the various pages and providers. In Matilda you will have the certainty that we are a serious company and you can find us in several pages like and

LA Show Room is a place where you can find a wholesale fashion marketplace; they offer a convenient B2B (business to business) experience. This marketplace is located in the heart of the fashion district in Los Angeles in California. In this platform you can find women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing, accessories, footwear, among others. You can access this platform for free and you can have great benefits by being part of this great community of wholesale sellers and buyers.Fashion Go, is aShow Room and gives access to a great variety of merchandise that is sold wholesale, works 24/7 and you can get a membership as a totally free buyer.

These two are excellent options to find everything you need in your store. Matilda by True Love is part of this great network of wholesale sellers giving you the confidence of our professionalism and quality in every garment we design and produce for you. When you already have the best jackets supplier online we recommend you start evaluating the marketing and advertising that you will use in your store. The first thing to do is to allocate a part of your budget to this section that is very important so that more customers get to know you and you can offer your products to a greater number of people.

The advertising starts inside the store, and this includes the distribution of the clothes, the mannequins that you have in the front so that the customers wish to enter your store. In addition, you must pay attention to the decoration, music and furniture so that your store has a personality of its own inviting customers to want to be part of this experience. In stores, even the smallest detail counts. For example, take care of the lighting and place warm light because when using warm light, place it indirectly to people and they will want to spend more time in your store because they feel good. Also, you should think about the aroma and music you want in your store.

Before designing your store, visit other stores or your favorite stores. Analyze what do you like about them, what music do they have? Is the sound high or low? What does it smell like? How is the clothing distributed? And from there you can design a unique store that is attractive to your customers, thinking in every detail.

To start a store the first thing is to know your market, you must find the best supplier who has garments with excellent quality and price like Matilda by True Love and finally start to design the personality of your store. With these tips surely you will triumph in the world of fashion.

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