How to buy dresses online shopping in Miami?

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Today, buying items online has become an activity of everyday life. Having the option to buy items online is very simple and fast; you can buy clothes at a lower price, from the comfort of your work or your home. The daily life often does not allow us to have time to go to the stores and spend hours in the dressing rooms until we find the garment that we like best. Technology has come to facilitate this problem in the lives of thousands of people; giving the opportunity to buy from a pair of shoes to a house with a single click.

Sometimes shopping online goes from being pleasant to a nightmare by the time the item arrives. This is because it was not what we were waiting for, we bought a wrong size or in the worst case our purchase did not arrive. Then, we have to spend hours on the phone to find out what happened, how can you remedy it or if you can return the garment and change it to another size, or to return the money.

These have been the experiences of many people who have bought online. After knowing these experiences, people have become more careful about buying clothes online; and in some cases, some people have lost faith in online shopping. And even with all these disappointments; why is not the internet sale finished? The internet sale came to stay because of its comfort, price and innovation. Often the clothes we find on the internet cannot be found in the city where we live; opening our options to everyone and giving us millions of options to consider.

Matilda by True Love, is a store where you can find dresses online shopping in Miami, among thousands of other products. For this reason, we want to share some tips so that in your next purchase you choose the right size and you can wear that dress that you like. The first point is to know your sizes. Sometimes we buy clothes by calculating whether we are small or medium size without knowing what size we are. Or we see a beautiful blouse that we think it might fit if we lose those pounds that have decided to accompany us since Thanksgiving last year, adhering to our soul without rest.

It is not like in the physical stores where we can automatically order another size in the dressing room if did not fit us. For this reason, it is very important to know our measures. Take a tape measure and measure out your bust, waist and hips. Do not squeeze the tape, and take your measurements with the underwear you normally use. When taking the measurement of the bust, place the tape at the level of the nipples; later on the waist places the tape and measures in the part where the waist is more accentuated; finally the hip is measured at the level of the gluteus. After knowing your measurements the next step is to analyze the measurements of the clothes in the online store.

 When you already know my measurements, it is easier to buy online. In some pages they place a table with measures and next to which size corresponds. Sometimes stores do not have this measure. However, they have an online chat or phones where they can contact them and ask the seller which size is the one recommended from our measurements.

One very important aspect that needs to be considered is to know the nationality of the store. Normally, the width of the sizes can vary even in the same country. Imagine if you buy clothes from a store in china; people in China are usually thinner and shorter than Americans. Remember that sizes may vary depending on the store. You can be size small in a store and xsmall in others or even medium.

After checking out the sizes, it is important to read what the garment is made of; if it is made of cotton, nylon, and stretch, among other materials that could affect positively or negatively to our purchase decision. For example, if we are very sensitive to the skin, it is best that we buy clothes that are 100% cotton to avoid friction and sweat. And the most important thing is that we do not get disappointed when we feel the texture of the garment.  Just like we do in Matilda. In each of our products you will be able to find the percentage of the material with which each article is made such as dresses online shopping in Miami, pants, shorts, blouses, among others.

Check the social networks of companies. Take advantage of the importance that social networks have in business. You can start following the company, see how much they publish, the clothes they have, the followers and comments, its delivery and customer service. If you find a store with one or two complaints is normal. However, if you find a store with the words fraud, scam, do not deliver or something like that. We recommend that you research the store a bit more before making a decision. In addition, social networks are a great way to learn about the new trends that exist; for example, if you follow the main influencers on Instagram you can see live news about fashion shows. You can be in the front row in some parades and know the clothes that will be the most wanted during the following season.

At the time of purchase make sure the photos in the store show all the angles of the blouse or dresses online shopping in Miami you are looking for. Thus you will not take bad surprises when the garment arrives. Occasionally, the pages only show a frontal photo or with too many adjustments that at the moment of receiving the garment, it is a total failure since it is not seen in normal people because in these retouching they tend to decrease the waist, increase the bust, among others arrangements that cause the garment to look completely different at the time of wearing it. Also, it has happened that sometimes the dress has a neckline in the back, transparencies or other detail that is not reached to appreciate. These details are determining factors of purchase since there are people who love or hate it.

In Matilda, you will find photographs of each of our products (which accompany the description) where you can see the garments in all angles and appreciate in a zoom the details that each of our models carries.

If you are looking for a dresses online shopping in Miami, it is important that you know the style that best suits you in dresses so that you do not take a disappointment at the moment of receiving your purchase. You can remember what dresses you have bought are the ones you liked the most, analyze how the cut is, if it has A cut, if it is a pencil, if it is a mermaid, or a princess cut. All these types of cuts can make you look very different. For this reason, go for one that you already know you like. When you cannot physically try it, there is a risk that it does not fit as you imagined. In another post we mentioned extensively what type of dress to choose depending on your body type so we will briefly mention it.

If you have a wide hip (pear or hour-glass body type) we recommend a pencil or mermaid dress. Usually these dresses have accessories or adornments on the top that make a balance. For the type of body of hour-glass the main thing is to emphasize the waist so you can place a belt. If you have inverted triangle body type, we recommend cut dresses A. Midi dresses are an excellent choice as they give more volume in the lower part of your body. With this type of body, look for dresses that have prints on the bottom and avoid strapless dresses because they attract attention to your shoulders.

For the rectangular body type we also recommend the midi style to give greater volume in the bottom, or princess cut dresses that the cut is just below the bust to give the illusion of more curves. Knowing your body type and investigating recommendations of what to wear can help you to buy any dress you might like but you are not very sure that will fit as you think. Our goal is that with every online purchase you make you are satisfied and happy.

 Matilda by true love is a company committed to fashion and quality in its service. We are sure that each customer is unique and special and we are committed to give them the best service so they can find the garments they need and highlight their inner beauty. We achieve our purpose designing clothes that highlight the beauty and provide self confidence in our customers so that they can be trendy all the time while they accomplish their goals.

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