How to buy the perfect dress in Miami?

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Miami, is known for being a multicultural city, full of people from all over the world, Latin traditions, beautiful beaches and a place full of life where we can boast your best clothes. The city it´s enigmatic and everyone seems to be partying all the time. When you arrive to a tropical weather where is hot and humid causes a style of clothing with Latin influence, so all your clothes should be colorful and cool. If you live there or you are about to go on vacation to this wonderful city we recommend you the following tips to choose the best dresses online shopping in Miami.

Being a humid and warm climate at the same time, we must analyze the fabrics of our garments. The fabrics must be thin and natural materials that help us to stay cool like cotton or synthetic fabrics like rayon. Remember that the Latin influence in Miami is enormous, so when you choose a dress, try to pick the ones that have strong colors, tropical prints and in general clothes that highlight your curves. In Miami It’s always time to show some skin! (as long as you feel comfortable). In Matilda by True Love you will find dresses online shopping in Miami, for any occasion. From those who go above the bathing suit, go out to grab a bite or go out at night. In Matilda by True Love we bring colorful dresses full of personality, so that when you use them you feel confident of yourself and you look radiant.

We know that in Miami there are many options to buy clothes. However, none like Matilda by True Love. All you have to do is enter our page, go to the “dresses” section and our dresses online shopping in Miami will be displayed. If you own a boutique, with Matilda by True Love, you will find a supplier with original clothes and stand out from the competition. On the other hand, if you look for clothes in retail also we can send it to your home and you will look stylish, innovative and gorgeous. Occasionally when looking for dresses online shopping in Miami, we are not sure if we will get the perfect dressed or it what style should we buy to look great. To avoid doubts, we want to share with you some tips to choose the best dress for you.

Straight cut dresses are ideal for women with an inverted triangle body type because it gives the illusion of greater volume in the bottom part of your body. Also, it is a good choice for women with the apple body type because the dress don´t focus in the waist, which in this case is a little less defined. Dresses that have details just above the breasts are beautiful choices. This cut causes more volume to the breasts and draws attention away from the hips. This cut is perfect for women with hourglass body-type.

Princess cut dresses are those that have the cut below the chest, usually have details on the chest area. This cut enhances the breasts and defines the waist. Women with rectangular, pear and apple body types look really good with this dress. In addition, the dress gives the illusion of being taller. Another type of dresses very similar to the princess cut, are those that have the cut a little higher than the waist and is ideal for the same body types because keep away the eyes off the hip and waist.

Tight dresses that stick to the body with cut at the waist. They are ideal for highlighting your figure, it is ideal for thin women, with hourglass body or pear. The dresses that have the cut at the height of the hip lengthen the torso. This is a great choice for women with small torso. If you want to highlight your curves you can use dresses that have details or are loose at the top, these cover wide hips and increase the breasts.

Dresses with cut “A”, are ideal for any type of body as highlights the figure and gives a nice silhouette, lengthens the legs, can disguise the hips, or give the illusion that the hips are wider. It also gives the illusion of having more delineated waist. If you want to highlight your waist, wear a dress with a belt. This is ideal for women with hourglass and pear body type because it attracts looks to the waist, highlighting your curves.

In Matilda by True Love, you will find any type of dress and with these tips we hope that when you are looking for dresses online shopping in Miami it will be faster and easier because you will be sure of what you need, what part of your body you want to highlight and which one fits you better.

Finally, we want to remind you that we sell our garments in retail and wholesale, we have presence in the United States and Latin America and we can send your clothes anywhere.  Our mission is to women to highlight their inner beauty; and we do it by creating clothes that fit their needs, making them feel beautiful inside and out. If you are looking for dresses online shopping in Miami, you can find great variety of dresses in colors, textures and sizes from which you can only choose in Matilda by True Love.

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