How to choose a crop top?

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Welcome to Matilda’s site. We are in the middle of the summer; and we have already used many blouses, off shoulders and crop tops. However, we still have some weekends to enjoy the best of fashion this summer and we can still take out of our closets those crop tops that we bought and did not decide to use, or if you tried thousands of crop tops and none convinced you. This post is for you.

You are not the only one that bought a crop top thinking maybe you will wear it next Friday and ended up at the end of your closet because you didn’t find anything that goes with it or you were not sure of wearing it. You love it, but you are not quite sure if you ever are going to wear it. But, if you have not given up on finding the ideal crop top or want to keep living the summer these last days and continue in the search for the best tops for sale in california; Matilda by True Love is the right place to go because we have the best clothes of the latest trends.

The crop top has been trend for some seasons now, but sometimes it seems very difficult to use them, especially when we do not feel so secure with our body. Don´t worry, it’s not you, it’s the crop top! Here we leave some tips for you to use crop tops and highlighting your favorite part of your body, so you can look really beautiful. For me, when I look for crop tops for sale in California. I try them on. Normally, I do not like how I look, I feel insecure, I try thousands on before deciding and two things can happen to me: the first one is to go out with the first one I tried, but not convinced that my purchase was the best; and the second is: to leave without any crop top at all and made up my mind that this trend is not for me.

If you already visited all the stores that offer tops for sale in california and you are tired of trying on thousands of crop tops without finding the ideal for you. On this occasion, we want to change that, we want you to choose the crop tops that go according to your body and that when you try them on, the insecurity and bad mood disappears. Also, forget to waste so much time on the dressing room. The good thing about crop tops is that they are very versatile; you can use them at a wedding or when you go to the movies. Before choosing any clothes, it’s important that you identify your body type, in order to choose the best option for you.

If you have an hour-glass body type; this body means that you have a defined waist and your shoulders and hips are of the same size. With this type of body, it’s all about highlighting your waist. When using a crop top make sure that the pants, shorts or skirt you use is at waist height. Remember that light colors widen and dark colors reduce the figure. Make sure there is balance at the top and bottom. If you have a pear body type, it means that your hips are wider than your shoulders and back and you also have a defined waist. The types of crop top that you can use to highlight your figure are those with a high neck or without shoulders. You can also use waves in the top to balance your chest with your hips and waistline will be more defined.

If you have an apple body type, it means that you have wide hips and shoulders and the waist is not so defined. For this type of body, we must use a crop top without prints or waves; you can also wear the bustier crop tops so you can highlight that part of your body. If your body type is rectangular it means that the shoulders, hip and waist are of the same size. We recommend using bustier crop tops, those that have waves, textures and prints. The purpose is to create more curves, but be careful in keeping the balance of the top and bottom.

If your body type is the inverted triangle it means that your back and shoulders are wider than your hips. Normally when using a crop top, the top of the body is emphasized, so we recommend wearing tops with neutral or dark colors without waves or to many prints or textures and complement it with some baggy or printed pants or A cut skirts that will emphasize and will attract the glances towards the hips. As you can see, it does not matter what body type we have, we can look amazing with anything, we only must pay attention to combine the crop top colors and textures to always define and highlight the parts of our body that we want.

We sell our garments in retail and wholesale so we have presence in the United States and Latin America. Our mission is for women to highlight their inner beauty. And we do it by creating clothes that fit their needs, making them feel beautiful inside and out. If you are looking for crop tops for sale in california, you can find great variety of tops in colors, textures and sizes from which you can only choose  in Matilda by True Love.

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