How to choose blazers for women on sale?

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Welcome once more to the site of Matilda by True Love. Blazers are a must have in your closet because they are very versatile and you can always use one for any situation giving elegance and sophistication; that´s why we want to share with you some interesting information, as well as tips for choosing a blazer and how to use it on different occasions.

 Blazers are garments that we have integrated into the women’s wardrobe; although, initially it was designed by and for men. Blazers were designed to give men more comfort than formal jackets. Blazers have great versatility because they give an air of comfort and casual look because of the elements that they can have.  We can buy blazers with more casual cuts, accessories like buttons, pockets or elbows with patches, and lately embroidered blazers.

But how did this garment became so famous?

The origins of the blazers began in nautical clubs, which normally had stripes (like sailors), were made of very resistant materials and did not give much importance to the aesthetic aspect. The blazers were normally used in sports matters to give greater freedom of movement to men and normally is credited its creation to the English.

After the English militia began to use this new type of garments, schools began to use it by linking the blazers to the intellectual world. Seeing the great comfort of these new blazers, women began to see the world of possibilities that opened in front of them in terms of design, textures and cuts. Thus, in the 30’s women began to adopt in their wardrobe this wonderful garment in sports and intellectual activities, giving them a sophisticated look with a touch of masculinity in their outfits. A perfect example could be Mary Crawley´s costume in Downtown Abbey.

Female blazers differ from male ones by the position of their buttons. The difference from a blazer and a suit is that we do not necessarily have to use the jacket with matching pants. With the blazers we can give a more casual air, we can use them with jeans, cropped pants and even shorts; so, you can create an outfit to go out for a walk, go out to the bar with friends or go to work. If you already decided that you need to go for some blazers for women on sale, we want to share some tips for you to choose a blazer of your size and for the outfit you want.

The main issue is that when you try it you need to have movement and comfort. Raise your arms, turn the posture, try to imagine yourself using it and verify that it does not limit your movements. Look at the sewing of the blazer and analyze if it is a blazer that highlights the waist or is straight. Usually the blazers with sewing that highlight the waist make you look more feminine and stand out your silhouette. When choosing a blazer, it is important that the shoulder seams stay in the right place, stretch your arms forward to verify that fit well.

Usually dark colors and short blazers (above the hip) are used for formal occasions. Long blazers cut your legs and make it look like you’re smaller than you really are. If you choose a long-cut blazer make sure you wear stilettos to stylize your figure. If you are looking for blazers for women on sale or you are about to renew your wardrobe, we recommend buying a black or gray Oxford first and then one of bright colors like blue or pink to be able to combine them with anything.

To get an outfit to go to work and for the famous happy hour, we recommend a black blazer, cropped black pants and a white shirt. Be sure not to wear your blazer closed so that your blouse looks and you look more feminine. Complement it with stilettos and you’ll be ready for a cosmopolitan or an important day at work. If it is a Saturday afternoon and you are going out to eat with friends, we recommend a blue blazer or gray Oxford; use it with jeans and tennis. To give you a more relaxed and comfortable air.

If you found oversized blazers for women on sale, we recommend that you complement them with tight garments such as jeans and a croptop and use it with sneakers or stilettos. It’s up to you! If you want to complement a dress or long skirt, you have to wear a short blazer (not oversized) for the outfit to be balanced. Like bomber jackets, if you are going to use a printed blazer we recommend that you use it with a neutral monochrome look or a color that matches the prints.

For this season, in Matilda you can find shorts and blazers sets ideal for this summer. And when you do not want to wear shorts, you can always use the blazer to complement any other outfit you have thought. In addition, you will find embroidered blazers and seasonal prints that will serve you to achieve any outfit to go to work, go out at night or just go for a walk. In Matilda by True Love, you will find the best trends, the best price and the best quality. In our shop you will find blazers, bombers, jackets and vests so you can achieve a desired and trendy look. Our commitment is to design clothes that help you feel confident about yourself and accompany you to achieve your biggest dreams.

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