How to choose the best color according to my hair?

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Welcome once again to Matilda’s site by True Love. The year begins and we know that this 2018 will be full of colors, and we began to have doubts of what to buy, we arrived at the store and found thousands of colors in the blazers for women on sale but we did not find one that convinced us.

Blazers are a must have in our closet because they are very versatile and you can always use one for any situation giving elegance and sophistication. The most important thing is to find a color that makes you feel comfortable and well. We already know that this year the color of the season will be the ultra-violet which is a combination of blue and red, thus creating a new combination of a vibrant color for any garment. However, there are times when we tried all the blazers for women on sale and we did not find one that we love.

On the other hand, if we are buying online the search for blazers for women on sale can be more difficult because we imagine the colors but we do not know how we will look. And it is precisely this reason why in this post we want to share with you what colors to choose depending on the color of your hair.

For us fashion is an art because by dressing we can express who we are to the world. In addition, it is a creative process where we look for elements that identify us, making our garments unique. The golden rule is that you need to use colors that make a contrast between your hair and the garment and thus make both stands out.

Brunettes can dress bright colors very easily because bright colors bring warmth and radiance to their face. One of the colors that best fits them is fuchsia. This year we will see yellow anywhere so you will be amazing with this color because it provides the perfect contrast between your hair and the garment which causes both to stand out. You can choose yellow jacket and a pink skirt; remember that this year the risky combinations will be the most used.

If you have black hair you can highlight it with a variety of colors such as yellow, green, pink, yellow and blue. Take advantage of this season and create combinations with vibrant colors like green with pink or go for a pink sweater that will make you look amazing. In addition, one of the colors of this season will be lavender so take advantage and choose a garment of this magnificent color.

For blondes blue color is what will make your hair stand out. It is the ideal combination because it will give prominence to your hair by contrast. In addition, you can use green because it enhances light colors. So this season will be ideal for you because you can use dresses or bright green jackets that are the ones that will be anywhere. If you are a redhead you must use green, camel, orange and you will see amazing with the ultraviolet that will highlight your hair; pink is another color that looks great on you.

If you have gray hair, the bright and vibrant colors will make your hair stand out. Pink, ultraviolet, lavender, green, gold and blue will be your most faithful companions; Try with full energy tones to create greater impact.

The white color fits well with any hair tone because this color highlights any hair tone. For this season it will be ideal because it will be able to accompany you with the vibrant colors that there will be like the ultraviolet, yellow, pink, green and any other; the best thing is that it is perfect with everything.

Red is one of the best colors is vibrant, with energy and full of life. There is nothing you cannot achieve by wearing this color because this color can diminish tiredness just by looking at it, enhances skin tones and also if you have dark hair creates a greater contrast making it even more striking.

Remember that you should not always follow the rules that are established in fashion; fashion is something innovative that is changing every season. Each woman should choose what fits her best and what she feels comfortable and happy about, which is what makes her look beautiful and confident. Go ahead and create unique combinations that represent you and show others who you are and what you are capable of.

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