How to create a wholesale clothing distributor in Los Angeles?

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Matilda is a wholesale clothing distributor in Los Angeles. We are a Company committed to our customers in wholesale and retail. Matilda by true love was founded in 2011, with the dream of designing and creating fashion with a unique style that will make every woman reflect their inner beauty; we believe each of our customers is unique and special. These years have been a journey full of experiences, dreams and achievements.

All people have a dream they wish to realize. If your dream is to become a wholesaler or you want to find  wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles for your store. You have arrived at the right place. Creating a store has been one of the most difficult activities we have done. It all started with a dream and an idea to improve people’s lives. We are people who love fashion so the decision was very simple. We wanted to do something with it and create a clothing store.

We want a different store than the others that already existed in the market.

A store that will have a unique essence and you could not find the same designs in every corner.

A store compromised with innovation and quality.

A store committed to fashion that can sell the best trends at affordable prices.

A store that make you feel good about yourself and understand you.

And that’s why Matilda by true love was born.

Our philosophy is that every woman is different; every woman has different dreams and a unique personality. That is why clothing must be different, innovative and with high quality. Matilda by true love wants to be present in every day of your life; helping you to fulfill your deepest dreams while you look incredible, making you feeling confident with yourself. On the other hand, if your desire is to open a shop. With our designs you will be assured that your store will be unique, it will have its own personality and the customers will look for you for the quality and price of your designs. Together we will grow your business.

Creating a store is not a one-day process; it requires planning and execution time. The first step when opening a store is making sure that the products you want to sell are right for your target market. You need to investigate customs, favorite places and celebrities of your target market so you can know their tastes and choose appropriate clothing that you will sell really quickly. Also check which dates are high in sales for them. For example, Christmas, back to school, black Friday, early summer or even mother’s day could work depending on the age range of people you attend.

Another tip that we can give you is when you are in the the world of fashion, you have to know the latest news and trends. Today’s fashion can begin to change and if you’re not up for it you may not even know it’s the new thing. Investigate what clothes from the runways begin to go to the Street style; as well as events where celebrities always use the latest trends. Fashion must be your world and have to be present all day long. Imagine you are Miranda Priestly and you need to communicate your customers and employees about the fashion and philosophy of your store.

When you contact buyers either wholesale or retail, send your main idea; and most importantly keep your virtual clothing catalog updated. If people cannot see the products you have they will not be interested in your store. When you contact someone new try to include pictures about your products. Love at first sight was never more real than when you fall in love with that embroidered dress you saw on Instagram or Pinterest. Use social networks to promote your best clothes and reach more people; you must be present in the virtual world (social networks and website); otherwise you will not be seen by a large number of potential customers.

Another way to get more and better sales is by attending exhibitions and shows. In these events you can get better prices, because usually shops have some offers. Or if you are a wholesale, you can sign up to receive more customers. You can be part of vendor organizations like Matilda by true love. Our store is part of Fashion Go which is an online B2B site that means business to business. This platform connects wholesale vendors and retail buyers from around the world. Check out our store in:

In addition, you can find us in LA Showroom; specifically at the following URL: This page is very useful if you are wholesale buyer or wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles. Wholesale buyers can register and get excellent prices and variety of clothing. On the other hand, if you are wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles you can access millions of buyers who would not otherwise know your store. It is highly recommended to be part of these pages as you can do networking and meet people that have the same passion as you. You can exchange ideas, make agreements and create a business network dedicated to the world of fashion.

Try to have news for your customers. There is nothing worse than visiting a store that never has new products. The only thing that will cause is that your customers simply stop visiting because they will think that there is no rotation in your products. However, even if your rotation is not what you imagined you should continue to buy new clothes that complement what has not yet been sold, since if you cannot run the risk of people no longer visiting your business.

In the world of fashion, innovation is one of the challenges. If you have a mannequin in your store, dress it differently each week, combining different products so that people see it and perceive that there are new things. If you have a virtual store, we recommend uploading new photos, changing photos from the main page so people will have the perception that you are updated. Also, keep your social networks updated, with comments or photographs of products, so you can stay in the minds of your buyers.

Another very important tip is to maintain a post-sale service with your customers. The sale does not end after you close the deal. You have to keep in touch with them, ask them for their email to send them a newsletter or ask them to follow you on social networks. The goal is to maintain a close interaction, to know what new is happening in your store and most important that you are part of your daily life.

Use social networks like snapchat, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, musically, Pinterest, among others. Investigate which social network is the one that receives the most interactions of your target market and thus you will know in which to do more marketing efforts. Remember that the social networks that have pay ads also tell you the number of visits your ad had, how many people came, how many clicked, among others. The objective is to analyze the campaigns of social networks.

Do not publish comments without analyzing who many people saw it. Remember that social networks are a marketing tool. If you publish too much in a day they can stop following you because it saturates their newsfeed. On the other hand, if you put flashy ads once a day you will stay in their minds, and you will not overwhelm them. The photographs must be good, where you can show the products that you want to sell, make sure that the garments can be appreciated in all their angles so that there are no future surprises.

In addition, we recommend that you must be really clear on your sales and returns policies. If you are an online store this can be more complicated because sometimes people want to return their garment because it is their size, but they didn´t liked how they look. So you need to stablish in which situations the garment can be returned. For example, if it is damaged, if it is not of the requested size. It also includes how many days customers have to return it and by what means it can be done. Keeping this in mind, you will save a lot of conflicts as they will know your sales and returns policies.

These were some tips that we recommend at Matilda by true love so you can be a wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles or a successful retailer with customers around the world. In Matilda you can find unique and innovative clothes at excellent prices that will make your business grow. We are committed to giving you the best quality and the best trends of the moment and those that will come in the coming months. For more information contact our email or our phones +1 213 7481086 or +1 213 4404076. We will be very happy to help you.

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