How to engage your customer?

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Welcome to Matilda by true Love, wholesale clothing distributors china. Matilda by True Love was founded in 2011, with the objective of create and design fashion with a unique style that makes every woman reflects their inner beauty. We are committed with our customers; each of them is unique and special. That’s why we work really hard to create and bring the best trends of fashion, using materials of excellent quality and unique designs so that your store stands out from the rest.

As wholesale clothing distributors in china, we know how important it is to have sales that give the opportunity to buy more inventory, pay our debts and have the lifestyle that everyone desires. Being fashion sellers, require constantly update and create trust in our customers, falling in love with each garment we display in a mannequin, in each new season and each offer. Our mission should be to engage our customers with our store.

The first thing we must do to have engaged customers is to prove your customer why you are the best option. Solve the problems your client has to create stronger business relationships. Demonstrate that you work to achieve mutual benefit and not just yours. Nowadays, people are looking for closeness to the stores that they buy from, not only the products that they sell. A Company needs to be interested in them, their needs, dreams, interests and share their values about environment, inclusion or any other.

Customers stopped being a number in the month. Now each client has a name and is unique so we must understand each one individually, focusing on their particular tastes, needs and interests. The key is in details. A good experience can make you have the good graces of the most demanding customer. The details make the difference and we all like to receive something we did not expect. Those details leave a positive emotion; is not always about having discounts, it means to know your client, what their likes, dislikes and needs.

An example could be: your sales personnel asked for some specific clothes to a clothing wholesale distributors china for one of your best clients that wanted those garments but he couldn´t buy them anywhere and you manage to negotiate to bring some pieces just for him. The result: you solve a problem and he left really engaged and happy. We recommend that you keep track of the purchases and periodicity of each client; so you will be able to identify their preferences and show them the options you have just for them (like reading their mind).

Shopping experiences are the best differentiator a business can have. A boutique does not only offer clothing, it offers their unique shopping experience. Remember that experience goes beyond products. A store can have the nicest clothes, but if the experience in the store is bad, the vendors are rude; people will not want to return to that store. Therefore, it is important to create a concept in the store that includes an excellent customer service where sellers care about customers. Now,analyze why people prefer to go to one store and not another (assuming they sell the same products). What would you look for when choosing a store?

Stores must engage their customers using tenuous lights, nice colors in the store and brand; aroma, music and the textures of the garments. Each store has a personality and must be able to engage their customers to return, so when the clients finish their purchase they feel happy and confident that they lived a beautiful experience and want to repeat it soon or share it with friends and family.

On the other hand, if for some reason your customer was angry with you. Do not let him go mad. It is known that an angry customer tells his bad experience to more people; while a happy customer will tell it to one or two, the angry one will share it with ten people. So if a customer is angry listen to him and give him the opportunity to file his complaint, worry about his problem and offer solutions to repair the damage. We should not see it as something bad happened, think of this occasion as an opportunity for an angry customer, can change their opinion. If you can solve your problem or offer something to compensate for the damage, they will tell the good experience about how you helped.

To improve your business, it is necessary to keep the communication you can have an email, mailbox or phone number where customers can place their suggestions or complaints, so you know the concerns, desires or bad experiences of your customers which will allow you to constantly improve your customer service. In addition, you must pay attention if customers need to communicate for some reason is always taken care of properly. Without a doubt the most important thing to engage your clients is to fulfill your promises, have their confidence and making better long-term business relationships.

The main objective of Matilda by True Love, professionals specialized in fashion and recognized as  a wholesale clothing distributors china, is to create long-term business relationships and to engage their customers with its excellent service, innovations and large inventory so each client can offer new products constantly in their stores, with the best quality and price. Also, we are concerned about our customer’s clients, and we want to work together so they end up satisfied and happy with every purchase.

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