How to find trustful wholesale clothing distributors china?

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Welcome to the official site of Matilda by True Love, a company known for being wholesale clothing distributors china in the United States and Latin America.

When you start looking for wholesale clothing distributors china for your clothing store, there are always doubts about whether it is reliable, what would happen if you do not deliver the promised products, if the quality is not as it appears or on their page or in the worst case, that you never got what you ordered online.

There are a lot of fraudulent sites so sometimes it is very difficult to trust people and companies; and in this post we want to share with you how to identify a reliable site and also how to get your customers to trust your company.

The drivers of trust are attributes that lead to trustful and effective relationships, and the cycle of trust is the process of how trust can be developed and maintained. Trust is an element of great importance for any company because if you do not inspire confidence in other people it is unlikely that you will achieve success. In the world of fashion, trust is essential because you work with people and in this industry (as in all) sales are what keep a company alive. So we go back to how to inspire confidence to sell more and how to know that someone is reliable to create more effective and lasting professional relations.

The drivers of trust are: fairness, dependability, respect, openness, courage, unselfishness, competence, supportiveness, empathy and compassion. In order to select your next provider you must analyze if it has those characteristics, how many it has and which it lacks. For example, with fairness we mean that it is fair with prices, that it offers an adequate price for the service and products it sells; dependability we mean that you can trust that it will fulfill what it promises, such as deliveries, quality and maintain the agreed prices.

Respect, refers to always treat you with respect and have a cordial business relationship; openness refers to being sincere, that does not hide necessary information for your operation; courage that you see that he works hard to do his job. We know it is a business, but being unselfish, caring for your customers, in their problems and goals creates a greater bond of trust not only in obtaining sales.

Competence, as its name says, refers to having the skills and resources to do the job; supportiveness, empathy and compassion are related since it is when the company cares about its problems and even offers alternatives so you can solve it or provide ideas to get out of that situation.

Normally, people do not create friendship and work relationships looking for these characteristics. However, when they start finding such characteristics in a company or person, their confidence in that person or company increases. For this reason, as a company we recommend working on each of the points consciously, so it will be easier to create and increase the confidence of our customers. Also, if you are looking for a supplier, list the minimum characteristics that you would like to find and it will be easier for you to choose a supplier with whom to work in the long term.

By working in each one of them, success in labor and even interpersonal relationships will be promoted, since by not working consciously we put trust in risk. Knowing the trust cycle allows us to work in more durable and strong working relationships.

Explore à Commit à Deliver à confirm

As its name says, it is a cycle so it must be worked on continuously. The first step is to explore and understand the issues and priorities of your client or your provider; the moment you are aware of the priorities, you can move on to the next step, which is commit, that is, agree what you will deliver, how and when, and that both parties are aware of this step.

Then, the deliver continues, which refers to taking actions and achieving what you promised in the previous step. Many times, suppliers promise things that do not meet quality, delivery times, price, among others, and it is precisely at this point that trust is lost if it does not meet the client’s expectations. Finally, the last step is to confirm that it refers to investigate and confirm that the delivery has met the expectations of the client and if there was a problem in which they can work. At the end of this step, the cycle begins again with the first step that is exploration.

The advantages of being clear about the steps of the cycle are that it allows us to create long-term labor relations that are efficient and productive. The problem with trust is that it can take a long time to win it, but you can lose it in a day; so it is advisable to work continuously in it, if there is any problems solve it so the client knows that you are worried and that although there is a problem they can trust you.

Knowing the trust drivers and working continuously in the trust cycle will allow us to work less time in gaining lost confidence, it is less stressful because we know the steps to follow and what has to be done by creating successful labor relations.

At Matilda, we are wholesale clothing distributors china, concerned about our customers and the growth of their business. If you are looking for a clothing supplier, Matilda by True Love is your best option.

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