How to improve my work team?

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In this post we want to share with you some tips to manage your work team in your store.

  1. Customer service

All employees must know the policies of customer service, what should be done and not done in certain situations. Policies should be oriented to provide an outstanding service and above all verify that the practices are being carried out and not just remain on paper. If your business goal is to be a wholesale clothing suppliers in LA. One of your biggest challenges will be to ensure that customer service fulfills its functions satisfactorily.

Customer service can produce great losses or satisfactory business relationships. In a business it is all about the people, because they are the Company, without them the store won´t be the same. If employees are committed to you  and your store it will be a great experience for your customers.

  1. Hire allies

We mean that employees can be allies and can participate in contributing new ideas to improve the service. It seeks that they commit to the work and if they are not limited to just to sell the products of your store.

You can design a great time if you manage to seek for different abilities and knowledge so you can form a multidisciplinary team that will solve problems easily and divide their tasks among them focusing in the principal abilities of each member. In other words, you need to hire people who complement each other to do a better job. In addition to the interviewing process verify that they have essential points for the position of salesman or customer service. With good attitude towards work, knowledge can be easily learned.

If you have problems in your team like: punctuality, bad attitude or any other among your employees. It is suggested to expose the problem to all the team and among all must seek solutions or contribute policies or behaviors to modify. It is demonstrated that it is easier to change destructive behavior in work environments if the policies or solutions come from the employees, because they are convinced and do not feel it as imposition. After you finish the meeting and you have the suggestions and contributions of your allies. Try to do all of them and help to carry out those that need a longer process. Thus, employees will feel that their opinion is important and will be more committed.

When making changes in behavior, policies, rules and even store decoration. Always write the opinion of your customers. It will be your way of measuring the changes and knowing if it was positive or negative. Any good or bad comment should be taken care of as feedback and an opportunity to improve your service.

Some people use a mystery shopper; however prices are expensive for hiring these type of services. One suggestion would be to ask a person (someone who the employees do not know), attend the store and make a purchase without notifying employees or advise them that someone will probably attend but without specifying the time and date of the visit. Later, the mystery shopper can tell you about the shopping experience, whether they were kind, light and music of the store; experience in the dressing room, among others. The goal is for that person to be able to describe to you what their experience was like. And, to verify if employees are actually applying company policies. This is a dangerous exercise because it can be a positive experience that ends in congratulations to the staff or on the contrary in a wake-up call.

Another suggestion is to have a one-to-one meeting with each employee one day a week, so you can know the difficulties that they lived during the week, which are their favorite clients, what problems they currently have (both personally and professionally) and try to help them. Remember, that improving communication with collaborators is vital to gain their trust. Thus, they will feel happy with their work environment, will be more efficient and we all get a win-win relationship.

The happiness of the collaborators is a subject of great importance in all companies, not only in the field of wholesale clothing manufacturers in LA. It is well-known that the new generations do not only seek economic remuneration, they also look for a company concerned about their well-being, a good work environment and where they perceive that they are listened to and appreciated. We must enhance their intrapreneur talent so that they grow professionally together with our store and feel satisfied with their work. Like customers, employees stopped being one more number in the payroll. Now, they have names, interests, personal and professional goals and knowing how to manage your staff can bring you a great place to work besides the monetary benefits.

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