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Welcome to Matilda’s blog, best jackets supplier online, in this post we want to share with you how to fit the garments in your store so that you can achieve more sales and more income in any season of the year. At Matilda we are committed to be the best jackets supplier online, so you always have options where to choose for your store, taking advantage of the new trends in textures and colors and have satisfied and loyal customers because in your store you will always find high quality garments, innovative and excellent prices.

best-jackets-supplier-onlineThe winter season began, and with the change of season there must be a renewal of the store so that it continues to be attractive to customers; if you do not change the image of the store periodically, customers may get bored or think that there is nothing new in the store and it is not worth going in.

The visual part in a fashion store is essential for success, the customer must fall in love every time he enters your store, you must create expectation every time someone goes in and make them feel comfortable and that the image and decoration of the store is nice. Sometimes, we do not change the decoration and only place the new arrivals in a corner, but they can go unnoticed. It is important that each time you get new merchandise, give them the appropriate publicity; this means, putting it on the mannequin so that it looks all the outfit, illumination or inside a section that does not have much movement in the store and make it look. By not doing so, it does not matter that you have new clothes constantly; customers may come to think that you have nothing new or will not attract them to enter your store.

At Matilda, we are the best jackets supplier online, so we know the problems that stores face on a daily basis. To make the garments stand out we have to analyze several aspects of our store such as furniture, available spaces, illumination, racks, display, cash register and even the dressing rooms. When you accommodate the merchandise in your store, make sure it is organized correctly and in full view of the customer. At the time of arranging the clothes, you can put a jacket, aside a blouse or jeans that match it; this way, customers will be able to see a suggested outfit for the new garment that they will love. Try to make that the garments of your store have harmony, and that customers can find combinations for that garment easily.

After buying our merchandise at the best jackets supplier online, we must choose what colors we want to stand out in our store. One of the best options is to highlight the colors of the season; in this winter it could be burgundy, british squares and black. Try not to use more than three colors because you can saturate and no longer look good. Also, when hanging new clothes on the coat racks, put the clothes but without overloading; by placing a few pieces of clothing, unconsciously people feel that there is little and that they should take advantage of it before it is finished, on the contrary, if we put too many clothes, people have the impression that it is very full and that they can continue searching and coming at another time to buy the garment. Overloading clothes racks tires customers and also makes people think that the store is not organized.

At the moment of wanting to organize the new garments we must ensure that they are in a visible place, we can change the mannequins every fortnight with different combinations so that the customers have the idea that there are new garments, in addition to giving them ideas of how to combine the garments. Sometimes, the clothes on hooks do not look as good as they have already been displayed on the mannequin, so they always take advantage of this technique to give a boost to the garments that are not selling well. In the mannequin you can also place accessories such as scarves, necklaces and bracelets that you sell so that customers can see the whole and fall in love with the outfit.

On the other hand, accessories are sold better when they are close to the cash register as customers can usually make impulse purchases with these items when they see them there in what they are paying. In a store it is very important to combine the colors and always look at what are the most popular that season to dress your store in those colors and thus attract more attention from consumers.

The best part is that by working in a store, we can take advantage of our creativity and create new outfits, designing new combinations and giving suggestions to customers about the garments that best suit them according to their body type. Remember that for a store to be remembered you must have excellent clothes and exceptional customer service; to achieve this, all the people in the store must be committed to the ideology of the store, feel passion for fashion and have an attitude of service. Poor attention can cost us several sales in the future.

The main objective of Matilda by True Love, is to be professionals specialized in fashion and recognized as best jackets supplier online, and create long-term business relationships with our customers. Also we want to engage our customers with our excellent service, innovations and large inventory so each client can offer new products constantly in their stores, with the best quality and price.

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