How to wear body suits?

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Welcome to Matilda´s site. If you are looking for clothes for sale in Los Angeles, come to our store, located in the heart of fashion in the fashion district of Los Angeles and we will be happy to assist you. This time we want to tell you how to use body suits. Some people do not dare to use them; however, they look incredible and are from garments that can be worn throughout the year.

Body suits or bodies are very comfortable and sexy. We have seen them throughout history and have been the favorite pledge of more than one celebrity. They began in the fifties, and they were one of the favorite garments of women until the decade of the 80’s where they took a sporty role, leaving the catwalks and Street style. They were forgotten for fashion until now, and they came back with more style than ever.

Bodies returned this season because they manage to create a sensual and elegant style. There are bodies of all shapes, colors and styles. The goal is to find the one that suits you best. You have many materials from which to choose from cotton, leather or synthetics, everything depends on the occasion. In Matilda by True Love, we are known for having clothes for sale in Los Angeles and with us, without a doubt, you will find the body suit of your dreams.

There are several types of bodies, and we are sure you are going to fall in love with them; there are bodies with transparencies, these are ideal to go out at night with a skirt or a cropped pants and stilettos. You will stylize your figure and you will look incredible. Off shoulders bodies are great for the summer season and many celebrities like Gigi or Bella Hadid have used them this year. They help to accentuate the waist. If it is a white cotton body suit, use it with sneakers and jeans for a more relaxed look.

Bodies with long sleeves are the ones that we will use in this change of season. They are perfect because they continue stylizing our figure but at the same time they shelter us a little more. Choose a pink one with jeans and a bun, combine it with sneakers and you’ll look like a fashion magazine. Printed bodies are a world of possibilities because depending on the print is what we can combine it, normally the clear bodies are for the day and the dark ones will look incredible for a more formal dinner.

Embroidered bodies, you definitely cannot miss having one embroidered body suit because embroidery is the obsession of this season. Use one with embroidered flowers and shorts and you’re ready for anything. Bodies usually have necklines or their design is inspired by gymnasts and dancers. Take them to get your most sensual side in the streets. With cropped pants of high waist or jeans, sneakers or stilettos. The only thing you need to be prepared is to bring a pair of shoes to change and you’ll be prepared for anything!

Usually body suits define the waist. The positive side is that it is not always necessary to wear a bra so you can wear them in shorts and sandals and you are ready for a day at the beach or in the mall. Make sure that when you wear a body suit you can show your neck and back and enjoy the rest of the summer. Body suites are very versatile garments that combine with everything from a pencil skirt to cropped pants. It all depends on your imagination and style. Here are some outfits you can do for any situation with a bodysuit.

For work:  A white body suite, black pants, stilettos, large bag and lenses.

For a date: A black body suite with transparencies, a pink silk skirt and stilettos.

For a night out: A black body suite with a neckline and a black skirt with an embroidered or silver bomber jacket and stilettos.

For a summer day: A light-colored body suite like pink, shorts and sandals.

For the weekend: A light colored or printed body suite and jeans with sneakers, but if you want to stylize your figure we recommend using stilettos.

These are just a few outfits you can create with body suites. Remember, something very important in any situation is the first impression, so if you do not know what to wear, try to feel comfortable and happy in your outfit. This will make you feel confident about yourself and always look radiant. Do not abuse with makeup and try to be always yourself to highlight your personality.

If you are looking for body suits, or for clothes for sale in Los Angeles, Matilda by True Love is the place to go. We are sure that in our store you will find the clothes that you need to fulfill your dreams and live daily with the best style. We invite you to visit our store located in the Fashion District at 800 12th St. Suite 116 Los Angeles, CA and we will gladly help you and resolve any doubts that may arise.

With us you will find the best trends because we have people in the main fashion cities in the world analyzing trends of it-girls, street style, and looking for what´s new. Also, they help us to design and bring to you clothes for sale in Los Angeles, to make you unique every season.

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