How to wear Bomber jackets?

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Welcome to Matilda’s blog. We are very pleased that you visit our store once more. In our posts you will find fashion tips, how to use different clothes and what’s new in the store. In this post, we want to share with you what are the bomber jackets and why they are the favorites when looking for women fashion jackets in usaThe 80’s are back; there we can see the trend in the prints and in the bomber jackets. These jackets are very dear to the world of fashion, as it gives us a relaxed and original air, depending on the textures and embroidery that we include on the jackets.

The positive side of the bomber jackets is that they give a youthful atmosphere, it transforms any outift and they are very versatile because you can combine it with dresses, skirts, pants, cropped pants, jeans and even with pants. So you cannot miss a bomber in your closet. Simply choose the texture, pattern and color for the occasion you need. Strong colors look good for an effortless look, complement them with jeans and a white or beige blouse and you will have the perfect outfit. On the other hand, if you are looking for an outfit to go out on a Saturday night, we recommend a metallic colored bomber or made of silk and accompany it with a short skirt and high heels.

Because of their versatility, bomber jackets are a must in your closet. In addition, you can use your favorite bomber in summer and autumn making them even more desirable. If we talk about colors, the most popular are those with floral patterns, vivid colors or pastel as either can be combined with a casual outfit. Try that the other elements are neutral tones so that bomber is the one that stands out the most. On the other hand, with respect to textures; Remember that the texture of the bomber jacket has to match the texture of your other garments.

Before going to the mall and look for women fashion jackets in usa we want to leave some tips for you to look in your closet and use some garments that you probably already have and complement it. You’ll be surprised how many garments you can match. A highly recommended outfit is to use a bomber with a crop top. This is ideal for those who feel a little insecure with the crop fashion. You can also wear it with a skirt or pants. If you go out on a Saturday night use some heels; but if you want to be more relaxed you can use some sneakers too.

The perfect outfit is a bomber with jeans or even with leggings. If you want to highlight your bomber go for a stamped bomber and other garments of neutral colors or choose the colors that complement the print of your bomber. The women fashion jackets in usa are essential in the closets because they provide excellent options during the fall and winter season. The bombers are recognized for bringing a sporty touch to your outfit, so with sneakers will look incredible. Bomber jackets are an essential part of closets because it combines two of our favorite sportswear trends and also brings retro style.

In addition, of the textures and colors, we must choose whether they are tight or oversized; depending on the look we are trying to achieve. An example of celebrities who use bombers are Kendall and Gigi. Search for some of their outfits to give you an idea of ​​how to combine a bomber and what outfits you can do to always look amazing.

When we already choose the texture of our bomber, now we have to pick the colors of the bomber, and we have several options:  monocolored-bombers are not so risky, nor do they draw so much attention. If we use neutral colored, dark green or black we have the opportunity to wear more flashy garments in the rest of the outfit so that the bomber accompanies the outfit without being the protagonist. The bombers that can´t miss in your closet is a black, because it is a color that never goes out of fashion and is left with many clothes. If you have any bomber hidden in your closet, rescue it because this season is a must. You can wear it with pants and go to the gym or with a blouse, jeans and heels for a more casual outfit.

The metallic colored bomber are ideal to go out in the night, it can be with a lighter dress, cropped pants and crop top of neutral colors for the bomber to stand out. Another type of bombers that are the most used this season are the ones with prints or embroidery mainly with flowers that has been the obsession of this season. These can be used with everything. When you buy an printed or embroidered bomber, try to make it easy to combine colors so that you can use it more frequently.

On the other hand, if you want to highlight the bomber of your outfit we recommend you to buy one that is light pink like colors and combine it with dark jeans or cropped pants so will highlight the bomber jacket. If you’re looking for women fashion jackets in USA as a bomber jacket, look no further. In Matilda by True Love you will definitely find one that suits you. Take advantage of the season and do not hesitate to acquire at least one bomber to combine it with different outfits, we are sure you will want to return for more so you never miss one in any outfit.

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