How to wear cropped pants?

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New trends are coming and with them the doubts of how to use them; and how you can manage to use them with the clothes that you already have, highlighting the most popular garment of the season. You do not have to renovate your closet every time we change season. Whether you’re looking for blazers for women on sale to the latest trend like stretch cropped pants, Matilda by True Love is the best place to find it.

In this season, one of the principal garments are cropped pants. It is a garment that sometimes is complicated to use. But with the tips that we are going to share with you, you will be able to look incredible and you won´t be able to live without this garment in your closet and reuse it and transform it in every change of season. Cropped pants are not new; they became fashionable in the fifties. They were designed and sold in Emilio Pucci´s boutique on the Isle of Capri and celebrities like Audrey Hepburn made them internationally fashionable.

They are pants that their length should reach below the knee but above the ankle. They have not been forgotten and always come back to prove their versatility and beauty. These pants are ideal for day-to-day in the office, hanging out with friends or a casual outfit. It all depends on the shoes with which you want to wear them. Previously, cropped pants were used for casual situations. The best thing about these pants is that you can use them for sport or casual activities; but certainly the latest trend is to give them a sophisticated and elegant air.

They are not just pants that fit a little above the ankle. There are several types of cropped pants from which we can choose: the cropped flare that stand out for being wider, the mom jeans are recognized for being tight to the waist and the last ones that have come to invade the streets of the major cities of fashion are the stretch crop pants, these are usually tight, with high waist, and as its name says, they are stretch.

The cropped pants are perfect for any occasion and will make you look very chic. It all depends on the texture and color to define in which situations it is best to use them. Some people are not a fan of this trend, because they are not pants neither shorts. Also, they can create a visual illusion of shortening the figure, making the petit women look smaller. In addition, this garment is characterized by attracting the looks to the lower part of the body (principally the ankles).

On this post, we want to share with you how to wear cropped pants.

As any garment, remember that light colors widen the figure, while the dark colors narrow it. The prints and waves also give the illusion of more volume and attract the eyes to the part of the body. If you want to use prints, look for the outfit to have balance and use neutral colors or colors that match the print on other items. The first thing we have to do before buying a pair is to try them on and check if it is our size and that really reaches us where they should be (usually the cropped pants that stylize the figure are those that reach the ankle). The objective is to create contrast between the ankle and where the pants end.

When it comes to cropped pants, it´s just like you were buying blazers for women on sale, the first thing we have to analyze is our body type to know which style to choose to highlight a special part of our body. If you are a petit woman avoid the cropped pants to the hip because they will make you look smaller, if you have thin legs bet for some printed cropped pants or cropped flared to give greater volume to this part of the body. If you want to highlight the waist, choose high waist cuts. In addition, in this type of pants the high waist makes the silhouette look more elongated and stylized.

Like we already said, this type of pants can create the illusion of shortening your legs and making you look smaller than you really are. How to avoid it? The first tip is to use stilettos to give a sophisticated touch and lengthen the figure and legs. In addition, if you use cropped pants with a waist-cut will lengthen the figure allowing you to wear flats or sneakers for a more casual look. If you want to create an Office and Happy Hour´s outfit, we recommend a white shirt, a black stretch cropped pants, stilettos and you can complement it with a printed bomber jacket or go for blazers for women on sale. Try that the blazer is not that long; it should be above your hips so that your figure is in harmony.

If you want to create the perfect street style, we recommend using high-waist denim cropped pants, a crop top and a bomber jacket with prints with sneakers or stilettos to look more sophisticated. You will get a perfect outfit! In Matilda by True Love you will find cropped pants, blouses, pants, blazers for women on sale and much more. Our mission is to find the best clothes for your outfit, feeling trendy and confident of yourself.

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