Long live the embroidery!

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For many centuries ago, the embroidery on the garments has been a tradition in the world of fashion. Embroidery is an art that decorate the garments with thread. The Byzantine civilization is recognized for being one of the pioneers in this technique. The crusades brought these new techniques to the West (Europe). During the middle ages the embroidery was popularized, creating new styles as diverse materials to make it with gold, sequins, linen, among others. But it was until the seventeenth and eighteenth century that popularized the edges in fashion for people of the upper classes. So, embroidery has been present in our lives for decoration and in fashion for many years now.

For a time, the importance of embroidery disappeared in fashion. However, embroidery has been the obsession of the season. One of the inspirations to create embroidery is in the imagination and in the nature. For example, this season we have seen embroidery tops for women in every store we have visited. Inspired by floral, oriental, brands and fantasy… imagination is the limit. There are no restrictions on which garments can be embroidered. We have seen embroidery tops for women, pants, bomber jackets, and even accessories like purses or ribbons. These garments are highlighted by the strong colors of their embroidery that give them life and make us combine and highlight any outfit for its colors and originality.

Although wearing embroidery is not something new in garments. Many countries, in their typical costumes have different embroideries that express part of the nature and culture of each country. Embroidery became relevant this season because the big fashion houses bet on them, making us falling in love again with accessories, blouses and embroidered dresses. When we go out to buy clothes, you will find embroidery tops for women with flowers of all sizes (maxi, medium and small), flooding the streets with the most feminine and colorful trend to endure the change of season.

As we mentioned in another post, fashion is an art because with it we can share thoughts and emotions. When wearing clothes with embroidery we have the risk of making an overloaded outfit; but, how to achieve a perfect outfit for every occasion? For a working outfit you can bet on blouses with small embroidery, strong colors and combine with some stilettos. Remember that the pants or skirt you wear should be neutral or one color matching the blouse. For example: use a white blouse with small embroidery of red flowers with green, black pants or leggings and stilettos. But, if you want to achieve a boho look, go for a light colored blouse with embroidered shorts and sandals and don´t forget a vest and a fringed embroidered bag.

A garment that is a must in any outfit is an embroidered bomber jacket. With bombers you can have a classic in your closet. With an embroidered bomber you can have a youthful, edgy and sophisticated look; and they go with anything: dresses, skirts, long skirts, dresses, cropped pants and you can have a sporty or elegant touch depending on whether you choose sneakers or stilettos. Denim, having so many clothes made of that material, has thousands of options. Embroidered jackets will be a must. They will be the best to complement any outfit and make it more relaxed.

Jeans also have embroidery, flowers, and pop culture brands. Any embroidery will be accepted. Remember that being embroidered increase and draw attention to the part of the body where they are. Finally, the denim skirts also look great with embroidery. They will add a touch of boho chic if you combine them with earthy, beige or white blouses, boots and a suede vest.

Another item that should be in your wardrobe is a dress with embroidery, these look very feminine, with stilettos or sneakers for a more relaxed look. Or for an evening dress, imagine a dress with black transparencies on the back and the entire skirt full of embroidery of red, yellow and orange flowers. No doubt, it would be the best dress for any gala evening. But what happens when you already have your desired outfit and you found your embroidery tops for women. Everything is beautiful; you use it for the first time, but the top has a big stain. How to wash it without ruining it?

There are three options. If the stain is not that bad you can wash you embroidered top in the washing machine (inside out) in a delicate cycle. But, if the stain is really bad or de embroidery is delicate you need to be more careful. First, you have to prepare soapy water in bucket, and sink the top, let the top soak in the water at least for twenty minutes, and soak the top in clean water until there is no more detergent (repeat if necessary).

When this step is finished you can put it in the washing machine in a delicate cycle. Finally, if your embroidery is handmade it´s really common that  you can´t wash it in the washing machine, so just soak in soapy water, wash out the soap, dry the top pressing with a towel to remove excess water. After that, let dry flat the top in a clean dry towel; be careful that the surface of the embroidery is not folded. If you need to use the iron, put between the iron and your embroidery a cloth to avoid burning the embroidered.

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