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A new year and a new season begins and along with them comes the need to look for tops for sale in California that have the latest trends and at excellent prices. Surely after seeing the Instagram, snapchat or other social media of some influencers and stores and the only thing you want is to go out and find the new tops for sale in California that will be the sensation of this season.

Some of the trends of 2018 that come with great force are jumpsuits of striking colors, and if we use classic colors such as black, what will stand out are the textures that we will use like silk, plastic and even waterproof fabrics. In addition, we will replace the denim overalls with British squares that as we mentioned will be everywhere. As well as the British squares, the Vichy squares will also arrive with great strength this season and we will be able to enjoy them in dresses, jumpsuits, blazers and tops.

The tops for sale in California have ruffles that evoke romanticism and femininity; the ruffles will have a long life and we can include them in practically any garment from a coat to a skirt and if these ruffles have any impression of British or Vichy squares it will be better. The tops for sale in California will also have neck ties that will make these blouses ideal to complement your casual and dressy wardrobe; the best ones will have varied prints from pineapples, cats, circles or strong colors.

As we already know, the color of the year is ultra violet, although yellow and lavender will also be everywhere. It is a good time to buy clothes of this color since they will be present all year and have been present in practically all the parades. Another trend alert that we saw are the suits; in autumn they were the suits with squares, but this season they began to change and came in with candy colors like pink, blue, lavender and of course we also will have them in more striking colors such as yellow or green. In addition, the mini with blazers and shorts with blazers will be the sensation in this year.

This year the slip dress continues as well as the sequins creating more sophisticated dresses with vintage airs and retro accessories. In addition, a new outfit that will flood the streets is a safari look that comes in green, beige or mustard color creating an explorer and intrepid look, although it will come with an urban touch that will bring you sophistication. The art of prints will be present in each one of the tops for sale in California, from comics to logo print; this season there will be prints for all tastes from Hawaiians to British squares.

In Matilda by True Love, you will find a large number of tops for sale in California with which you will feel free and comfortable. You will be ready to face the challenges that come up day by day. In Matilda by True Love, we know that every woman is unique and special and that is why our commitment is to design garments that are up to your tastes and needs throughout the day.

Our designers are aware of each of the trends that begin to emerge in each of the major cities of fashion such as Milan, New York, Tokyo, Paris and of course Los Angeles which allows us to know what will be the next trends and include them in our designs but we do it in an original way, to create new, innovative designs, with great quality and taking care of the price so that our clients can benefit from them; and in the case of our wholesale customers, they can increase their return on investment since our garments have a high turnover so they can have new clothes in their store constantly and thus offer their customers novelties and gain recognition and loyalty.

We want you to use one of our clothes, feel the security of success, we want to empower women and make them look as powerful, safe and successful as they are inside. We invite you to browse our page, where you will find the new trends of the next season, with the best quality and price. If you want more information or our news, look for us in social networks like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram where daily we are updating our clothes, with suggested outfits and above all with a lot of fashion and style.

If you are looking for any garment, or for tops for sale in California, Matilda by True Love is the place you need to go. We invite you to know more about our business, browse the page and you will find the clothes that you need to fulfill your dreams and make your business grow wearing the best style. We invite you to visit our store located in the Fashion District at 800 12th St. Suite 116 Los Angeles, CA or visit us in our online store were you can find all our catalog and discover photographs and a description of each product in our store, as well as all the colors that we have available in each garment. Each one of our products includes photo, description, price and sizes in order to help you to make an informed and easy purchase. If you have any questions please contact us at +1 213 7481086 | +1 213 4404076 or write us an email to: sales@matildabytruelove.com.

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