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If someone wants to give you flowers, please ask for them to be embroidered on clothes!

We have had enough time with this trend that began at the end of last year. It started as a small flower in a blouse, a small detail here or there; and then we realized the embroidery invaded all fashion. Bags, socks, jackets, denims, shorts, skirts and is the star of the season that undoubtedly will remain for a longer time so let´s embrace embroidery tops for women for the rest of the year.

Among all the embroideries, the flowers have been the most successful. We can see them in all garments; this trend is everywhere and it does not look like this style will end soon. Embroidery is an ancient technique. In which stories or events can be told. You can tell a story, or express your deepest wishes. Imagination in this technique has no limits. In addition, embroidery is also a technique that records experiences, nature, fantastic things, and brands. We could say that embroidery is art. It is a type of living art that is transformed and begins to be part of the life of the people.

Previously, embroidery was very common in household items, in bedspreads, sheets or decoration of towels or a tablecloth. And in many cultures, it went from homes to the fashion world; shirts and finely embroidered dresses. Women usually had to master this art in order to create their dresses and to decorate their husbands or brothers’ shirts. You can use lots of material and that´s why you can use this style in a wedding or in a Sunday at home. The secret is to choose the texture and embroidered design to adequate your clothes to any occasion.

Unfortunately, embroidery was lost in fashion for some time because people associate it with old clothes or with their grandparents. The lace embroidery is typical of the vintage so during the last few years they have regained their importance and great fashion houses have incorporated them into their collections. It started in blouses and now we see them in shoes, bags, wallets and even in earrings. This trend is very versatile since we can use it for any situation, like a wedding, prom, to go to work or for a Saturday afternoon. The embroidery inspires great admiration for the work of the design and the details they have. However, although it is versatile not all garments with any embroidery can serve us for any occasion so we have to see the appropriate texture and embroidery for each occasion.

The embroidery creates a different and unique detail in the garments. However, it is not the same to bring flowers of various colors embroidered in a black lace dress that wear a denim jacket with embroidery of a tiger and flowers. For this reason we want to share with you some tips to wear this trend successfully.

For a working girl we recommend this beautiful organza tiered dress because it is elegant and classy.

  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • Embroidery and guipure trim

For a night out or casual day or happy hour we recommend a perfect set that will make you feel sexy and classy.

95%Polyester 5%Spandex

  • Blazer and shorts set
  • Floral embroidery
  • Fitted blazer

For a glam occasion:  We want you to exude sexiness in this long sleeve embroidered see through detail gown.

  • 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex
  • Small Flower Embroidery
  • Floor Length

For a Sunday brunch we recommend these beautiful pants with beautiful rose flower embroidery.

98%Cotton 2%Polyester

  • Boot cut jeans
  • Low waist
  • Pockets

And you can mix it up with this embroidery tops for women.

You can look cute and sexy with this off shoulder rose print blouse.

100% Cotton

  • Floral
  • Off the Shoulder
  • Crochet Trim Detail

You can use this stylish long sleeve blouse featuring embroidered flowers; we are sure you will look like a queen.

100% Viscose

  • Button up
  • Embroidered flowers
  • Long sleeve

These were some recommendations for creating styles with embroidered dresses, pants and embroidery tops for women and how to use them. In Matilda you can find embroidery tops for women of a have some nature reminiscent like butterflies, fruits like pineapple and even pop culture embroidery.

In Matilda you will find clothes of the latest trends in the main cities of fashion. With us, you are guaranteed to find the best to feel unique and fashionable. We are committed to create fashion that empowers the women’s identity and thus you will be able to control any situation in which you are. The first thing is to feel good about yourself. As Coco Chanel said: get dress as if you were to meet your worst enemy that day. Thus you will have the security that gives feeling good about yourself, provides more self-security, joy, you look better and as a consequence people can notice it.

We believe that each woman is unique and we inspire them to be the best of them, we want you to have a style that highlights you from other people and makes an impact on the people you know. Remember that the first impression is not forgotten and can bring many opportunities. In Matilda we work to become leader in wholesale and retail fashion, having the best competitive, attractive, online business. Thus, we can offer you the best of fashion at the best price. Our store is located in the heart of fashion in the fashion district of Los Angeles.

We invite you to know more about our business, browse the page and you will find photographs of each of our products in the available colors. It includes a description of each product and its price. If you have any questions please contact us at +1 213 7481086 | +1 213 4404076 or write us an email to: We will be very happy to help you to accomplish your dreams wearing the latest trends!

ny style you are looking for. Blouses with embroidered roses cannot be missed. However, we also have embroidery tops for women that

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