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Welcome to Matilda’s blog. We are very happy to have them back to our blog. Off shoulder and cold shoulder will continue to be a trend next season. The off shoulder pieces are very flattering for women. It is a garment that highlights the sensuality of women, and is full of style. This type of blouses will continue during the fall and winter season; the only thing you need to do is change the fabric to adjust to the new trends of this season.

These garments that we can commonly find on the net as sexy tops off shoulder online shopping have stolen the hearts of millions of women during the spring and summer season. The off shoulders have become synonymous with style and sensuality, so we do not want to leave them, even if winter is coming.

In spring we use them with shorts and skirts to give us a break of the immense heat of the season. However, during fall off shoulders and cold shoulders will also move to sweaters giving us new styles and fabrics during this new season. Bardot neckline as they are commonly known in the world of fashion, have their beginnings much earlier than this couple of years. The trend is not new. In the 50’s we discovered that the shoulders can be a sexy part of the body, it is suggestive and elegant. This garment is precisely named by an actress named Brigitte Bardot who is a French actress who stands out for being an icon of fashion and sexual symbol of the decade of the 50’s and 60’s for its great beauty. During those years, she made a large number of films, was an animal advocate and imposed new styles in fashion that endure to this day: the off shoulders.

As soon as the bardot neckline became popular again, we re-discovered the wonders of this style. We had fallen in love with it and do not seem to leave the catwalks soon. Off-shoulders have come to stay. This season we will be able to see thousands of styles with off shoulders. We have seen them with crop tops, with different prints, although the flower print is the one that has been the most used this season.

If you survived the summer without one, we have two questions for you: how did you do it? And the second one, what are you waiting to go for one for the new season? If you do not like off-shoulder, we want to suggest a cold-shoulder. The cold-shoulder allows you to wear a normal bra, without worrying that you will see the strap or the need to buy a strapless. In addition, the new trend of this season will be the cold shoulder but in woven sweaters which will give you more freedom. You can choose a cold shoulder in an XL sweater and surely you can combine it in many ways.

This season the off-shoulders have replaced the shirts to go to work. The reason is that they are very versatile. We can combine it with dark pants, an off shoulder Vichy squared blouse and some stilettos and we will have the most desired look of the office. To achieve that our blouse attracts all the looks is necessary to wear garments of neutral colors or smooth so that the blouse is the protagonist of the outfit.

In addition, the off-shoulder has had a worldwide popularity; no matter if you are in the United States or Milan. We all want one of these blouses; all the influencers used them during this season as they are perfect to go to work, for a casual day, for the beach, for a party. What we mean is that wherever and whenever it is a good time to wear one of this type of cleavage. The prints and the texture of the fabric are the ones that will define us for what occasion we can use it. For this season the off shoulder or cold shoulder that you cannot miss in your closet are the ones that have Vichy or British frames since the squares will be everywhere.

Remember that fibers such as velvet and wool will be used during the season. In addition, the transparencies will be found in blouses, dresses and skirts to give a little sensuality to the fall. Instead, if what you are looking for is a boho chic, this neckline is an excellent choice in white or beige colors in cotton fabric. In addition, this season the western will be very present, so pull out your old jeans and a fringed bag because over the next few months they are going to be sensation. In other posts we have already mentioned what off shoulder you should use from your body type, so we will mention briefly and we want to share other style tips for this new season.

If you have narrow shoulders use blouses that have ruffles, prints or lace. This will attract attention to the top of your body. If you have an hourglass body you can attach a belt to accentuate your waist. If you do not feel very comfortable using off -shoulders; we recommend that you go for a cold-shoulder or place a long necklace to divert attention from the shoulders.

This next season, in Matilda by Ture Love you can find sexy tops off shoulder online shopping for any occasion. Some of the sexy off shoulder online shopping tops that you can find in our store are:

Si tus hom

A sheer off the shoulder blouse is what you need to add to your wardrobe for a subtle touch of sex appeal. Available in black and white.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Daisy Sheer Detail
  • off the shoulder
Flirty and fun is the vibe in this womens off the shoulder blouse. Looks great worn casually, or dress it up with your favorite wedges!

·         100% Polyester

·         Long Bell Sleeves

·         Off The Shoulder

Cute perfect for the season, Off the shoulder striped blouse with flower print and flounce


  • Floral
  • Off the Shoulder
  • Bell Sleeve

 Cute and trendy woven off the shoulder Crop Top with Wide Sleeves and Ribbon Strap. 100%Cotton

  • Love Strap
  • Crop Top
  • Off the Shoulder

Our mission is to highlight the inner beauty in all women. And we do it by creating clothes that fit their needs, making them feel beautiful inside and out. In Matilda by True Love, you will be able to find the best and newest trends to feel professional, sensual and comfortable at the same time. Visit our online store where you will find a wide variety of clothes to choose from.

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