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When we think of wholesale; the vast majority of people think of a large factory in China, with an big production with thousands of people working and creating the same garment model over and over again since dawn to the evening only changing colors. The mass production of clothes is very common, that´s why lot of times we see more than one women walking down the street wearing the same skirt or blouse. This is because everything is reduced to mass production, where there is no longer originality.

In order to buy clothes from China, it is necessary to buy large volumes that in many cases it´s really are made very difficult by the costs and the time that would be to be in customs, checking that the guidelines are complied, in addition to the tax payments, tariffs and other expenses incurred at the time of importing clothes.

There are other stores, which do not intend to buy clothes in China and go to the outlets to be supplied because they find cheaper clothes, which are just in season and at a better price. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a store, we do not recommend that you make your purchases in this type of business because it is more expensive. The best thing you can do when starting a business is to find a wholesale fashion online in Texas or anywhere in the country to send you the products at a reasonable price, where you do not have to worry about freight between countries, customs and simply worry about choosing the clothes that you like best.

The advantages of buying in a wholesale fashion online in Texas is that it is not necessary to buy excessive amounts to be a customer. There is usually a minimum purchase; however it is much more reasonable than if you were to buy clothes in China. If you start with your business or you already have one you will have noticed that the Chinese factories make the same design millions of times or they make specific products that the customer asks for them.

If you want to start importing from china it is necessary to know the disadvantages to be able to evaluate the profitability as well as the time lost in this process. There may be cost savings in products, but you must add all that hidden expenses; because we could be saving on a blouse and spending three times more in resources and people to bring it from that country. Some disadvantages of buying directly from China is that you must be very careful in the websites you look to avoid falling into any scam; it is much easier and safer to buy in the United States as you can investigate where it is located and if something happens with your order is easier to solve if they are in the same country. In addition, in China orders are usually too late and are usually by sea.

If you are thinking of importing from China, you also need to review the laws and import decrees of the merchandise you want to import so that you know what you have to pay. In some products if it is they are Chinese, those products should paid more tariff or have different restrictions depending on the material with which the garment is made. In case, that we have not paid something or infringed the law (without knowing it) it is necessary to pay fines. So keep some savings of your budget set aside for contingencies.

Other aspects that must be considered are the shipping costs, the time and the insurance that we must pay. Because obviously the transfer is longer and dangerous so the costs of insurance increases so you must be very clear with your provider who will be in charge of paying this insurance. Unfortunately, it has happened that small business owners lost their merchandise due to a maritime accident or theft and when they had not agreed with their supplier, the aspects of the insurance were not refunded. This insurance must be against accidents and thefts to cover yourself in case of any problem. In addition, you should notice time of transfer is usually longer.

When purchasing a Chinese product you must ensure that they meet the quality standards of your country and especially your store. Check that these products are up to your customers.

The aspects that imply having a high quality product are many; from contemplating the changes of time zone that can hinder or encourage the process of negotiation; the change of culture that at times can be a barrier to negotiate. In addition, of the problems that can occur in the negotiation the slowness of the purchase is another factor that must be considered because being a special order can take many months between the production and the shipment. Also, because they are special orders, the minimum orders are much higher than the average making the purchase riskier.

A vital aspect is to find a reliable supplier, this is undoubtedly the main challenge since there are millions of suppliers and many of them are not legitimate. In addition, in many cases there are intermediaries who raise prices and at the same time you give them all your confidence because they could leave with all your money and leaving you without receiving your merchandise.

If you want to sleep peacefully, be sure that your merchandise arrives on time and really ask what you need for your store. Matilda by True Love is a great choice, we do all that work for you. We are a recognized company for designing and producing garments of great quality and originality that emphasize the personality of the women and your business. Matilda by True Love is a wholesale fashion online in Texas that will keep track of the growth of your business, giving you great benefits and security in each of your purchases.

With Matilda by True Love it is very easy to buy and receive your order. You can browse our page; go to the wholesale or VIP section to know our products that we offer in wholesale. With us you will find a partner who cares about the growth of your business and together we will transform and empower women around the world, accompanying them while fulfilling their dreams and dressing them to reflect their inner and outer beauty, emphasizing that they are sophisticated and successful women.

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