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This time we want to talk about the differences there are between boho chic, hippie chic and vintage. As experts in fashion, we know that there are occasions when creating a new outfit of this trends, we get lost with so many accessories, we want to wear them all and at the end we do not know if we end up with a hippie, boho chic or dressed up to go to a Great Gatsby´s party. To avoid confusion we share the main differences between these styles.

The bohemian and hippie style could easily be confused. However, they represent different trends. The hippie style refers to having a carefree attitude towards life and being simple; while bohemians are characterized by being idealists and passionate about art and culture, regardless of material goods. On the other hand, vintage, is characterized by using used exclusive garments, but the objective is that these pieces must be difficult to find; practically only you own a garment like that. This style is characterized by pieces used in the 20´s decade until the mid-seventies. After that period of time it´s call retro.

In fashion terms, the hippie style is looser with more flashy colors, while boho, it is characterized by mixing in the garments and accessories of various cultural giving a unique style to each person and vintage usually is elegant and glamorous like the old Hollywood. Hippie chic style, it is an inspired between the 60’s and 70’s. As its name says it is inspired by the hippie movement that existed in that time. It consists of long skirts, floral dresses, sandals without heels, necklaces; large hoop earrings and belts are the basic to achieve this look. If we stay there we will have a hippie outfit. But, to do it “chic” we must add gold or silver elements in the bag or sandals.

Boho chic style, it is inspired by ethnic, vintage, gypsy elements and also features a hippie twist. Sometimes hippie and boho styles can be confused. The boho was born less than a decade ago. Kate Moss and Siena Miller are the pioneers in using this style. The boho style gives the appearance of being scruffy and relaxed. However, each element is well-studied to give the desired look and balance.

This is the main difference between these two great styles. The boho also have more elements of other trends that alone are also very interesting.In boho chic style, maxi dresses are very common. The goal is to make the dress stand out using gold, silver or other accessories that highlight the dress, that can be white or beige made of materials like gauze or cotton (usually using a vintage dress with embroidery). Another feature of the boho chic are shorts that look like they are old, as well as large accessories like necklaces, earrings and very large bracelets.

In Matilda by true love we sell tops for women boho online; where you will find all the elements to have the perfect boho chic outfit. You can choose colors inspired by nature such as beige, brown, red, orange and green. As well as textures, that should be leather, suede, linen and among some others. Winter is coming, but we can still use the boho chic style with leather vests and complement with tops for women boho online that we sell in our store in Los Angeles or online and we can deliver to you anywhere in the US.

In few words, hippie chic was born before boho chic; but they share some elements. Boho chic inspire in hippie chic and mixes it with vintage and ethnic clothing or accessories creating a unique and glamorous outfit. At Matilda by true love we are experts in fashion and we bring the best trends in the world to our store, located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles and also in our online store where you can find thousands of garments.

To find the best of tops for women boho online you only need to go to our store, in the “tops” section. Hundreds of garments will appear at your disposal. So you do not waste time looking. On the right side, you can select the color you are looking for, as well as the desired price range and size (small, medium, large). Our purpose is that you save time from the beginning because you can separate garments by color, size and price. On the other hand, if you have time to see our options, we assure you that you will fall in love with more than one item.

When you select a garment you can find pictures with different colors that we have available, in different angles. In addition, we also share with you the description of the fabric of each item (for example: 81% cotton, 19% elastane). Also, it has an overview of the garment with colors available. We like to share with you every detail so you are sure you like the texture and every part of the item.

When you have already chosen the tops for women boho online you want to buy, go to the shopping cart and fill out the requested form. If you have Amazon pay account it´s really simple, just type your username and password. Besides, we accept paypal and credit card. Share with us the shipping address and you’re done! That simple and reliable is your shopping experience in Matilda by True Love.

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