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On Sunday, September 17th were the Emmy Awards 2017, where we could see very varied looks, full of originality and style. The dresses were protagonists of the night, emphasizing the femininity in one of the most important gala nights for the cinema. Dresses or skirts continue to be synonymous with femininity, but now there are many more styles. Previously, they were only long skirts, later as a cry of freedom created the mini and currently returned the 50’s with midi skirts. This type of skirts is characterized by being below the knees, but not reaching the floor.

Previously, gala nights were synonymous with long skirts and heels, without showing the legs or calves (as dictated by “good manners”), wearing another type of dress was inconceivable; but during the night of the Emmy Awards 2017 was a liberating and pleasant change. We were able to observe new dresses, full of energy and originality, highlighting the femininity and bringing fashionable changes that would undoubtedly pass into the wardrobe of many women in the world.

Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, among others were the main protagonists of the night due to their original designs. The best dressed as Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer and Millie Bobby Brown are the example that the new trend is the midi; and best of all, we can use them for any occasion, for a Saturday night out, a night of gala or a day in the mall. It doesn´t matter where you use them the only thing that matters is having one of those.

The actress who was undoubtedly bold was Reese Whiterpoon, who managed to get a dress/ blazer out of the best dresses of the night. It was a garment that stood out for its originality and class (despite being short). This is certainly a style that will soon be fashion jackets women apparel in stores, where we can use it for work or for any occasion. The midis are the icon of the 50’s. Normally these types of skirts are of cut A. So it is ideal for any type of body since it can emphasize the hips or to disguise them, although other styles have been created, the classic midi is the one with A cut.

This type of skirts arose in the 1950s as a response to glamour and color after the gray decade that was the 40’s where people suffered the World War II. Then the 50’s returned the color and joy in the garments of people. This type of skirts had not returned because the miniskirts continued reigning.

Miniskirts are those that go above the knee and they represent freedom, sexual liberation and youth and they removed midi from fashion, because mini represented a new era. Before the 1960s women had to dress conservatively; Twiggy led the movement of miniskirts with an androgynous style, the British model imposed a new style of beauty that did not exist before. It was the time of the Beatles and Rolling Stones giving freedom to the youth and began the rise of miniskirts. Then, during the decade of the 70’s the bell-shaped pants took the place of the mini. But these never disappeared, in the 80’s they returned and stayed during this time changing materials, prints and designs but always above the knee. However, this season midis began their return with their style of elegance and “ladylike” that can only provide the volume and width of this skirt.

They began their entrance slowly, but the midi will be very successful in this and next season; that´s why we want to share with you some tips on how to use them properly because the mini and maxi dresses are being replaced by this wonderful style that offers comfort and femininity at the same time. This skirt has the advantage that looks good in any body type and if you include it in your wardrobe we are sure you will look super trendy this season. This type of skirt can be worn with stilettos to make it more casual or to go out at night. If what you want is a quieter day with flats, sandals or tennis. With shoes you can create two completely different styles that will serve for varied situations.

Like other types of garments, remember that you have to balance the volume and adapt it to our body type so that they highlight the parts of our body that we want to emphasize. If you go for a midi with a lot of volume (Millie Bobby Brown´s style) it is best to balance it with a crop top or a bodysuit to lower the waist and focus attention on the hips. If you choose a blouse with a lot of volume will look very saturated and will not look good.

On the other hand, if your style is more midis pencil style. You can choose one that is one color (without prints) and on the top go for a blouse with lace or embroidery. This type of look we recommend for women who have wider hips than the shoulders (type of pear body or hourglass). If you use a printed midi or embroidered with flowers, make sure that the blouse is of a color that combines with the skirt or embroidery to avoid saturating the look with too many colors. On the other hand, if you choose a very striking color skirt make sure that the other garments are of a neutral color to highlight the skirt.

The midi looks amazing with sweaters or fashion jackets women apparel that matches the colors of the skirt. This is because these skirts are used for the fall season and early winter because it’s long. So include a midi in your closet for this fall and you will see that you can combine it in different ways and look amazing. You can also combine with fashion jackets women apparel like bomber jackets that are trendy and beautiful, and sure it will look amazing. There are thousands of styles of midi skirts so you just have to go for the one you like the most. There are those that have prints or floral embroidery that must be this season because this trend is presents everywhere, this season women are in love with flowers.

The pencil midi style is to highlight the curves or you can choose a mono color midi and combine them with printed blouses. The secret of midi versatility lies in the texture of the skirt. Depending on the texture we can use it on a special occasion, for work and a casual weekend day; being able to transform the look with a change of blouse and shoes.

The disadvantage of this type of skirts is that they highlight the calf, so you will have to run to the gym to show shapely calves during this season. In addition, this type of skirt makes the small people look shorter. For this reason, it is recommended to use stilettos to give appearance of greater stature, give glamour and stylize the figure. In Matilda by true love we are characterized by bringing the best of fashion to your wardrobe and we design clothes of the latest trends by looking at what is fashionable in the major fashion cities around the world like Milan, Tokyo, New York and of course Los Angeles .

Our company was founded in 2011 and during these years we have traveled a journey full of dreams and achievements, we design and create fashion with a unique style that makes every woman reflects their inner beauty; one of our main beliefs is that every woman is unique and special and that is why we make garments that fit the needs of each woman so that she can fulfill her dreams looking incredible.

Our mission is to create fashion that empowers the women’s identity and we work daily to become a leader in wholesale and retail fashion, having the best competitive, attractive, online business that is available to all our consumers. Our vision is to inspire each woman to achieve their dreams, making each day to be the best of them and think the best of them to be successful in their daily lives. Clothing is a way to achieve dreams. If you want to be successful dress as a successful woman, this way you will have the appearance and confidence of a woman confident of herself. This will cause people to perceive you as a confident successful woman which will help you to achieve your goals.

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