New Year: fashion in 2018

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With this New Year that begins, new dreams, purposes and best of all new fashion trends begin. Last year allow us to dress with wonderful clothes, but this 2018 will bring new dresses online shopping in Miami that you will fall in love with from the first day.

The new trends of 2018, will bring innovations that we love and with the e-commerce and Matilda you can buy the best blouses, pants, jackets, dresses online shopping in Miami and much more.

In this year we will be able to see with greater force the squares; the British squares that began to invade the streets in autumn will be the fervor of this year, this trend will continue until spring, so if you do not have at least a blazer with British squares, what are you waiting for? You can use it for the rest of the year. Like in autumn, this year the oversize will be essential to have an amazing look.

Squares, squares and squares will be the ones that rule this season; it does not matter if they are British or the more subtle Vichy squares. The goal is for at least one of your clothes must have them. The squares can be found in almost any garment such as blouses, skirts and even dresses online shopping in Miami.

The striking colors will be the essence of this year; the colors full of energy will be your faithful companions. There will be mini, midi or dresses online shopping in Miami. The important thing will be to wear a color that is striking, full of energy and spread the joy to face the day. Speaking of striking colors, this year you can break some rules that were established; now we can combine red with purple which will lead to new combinations. Dare yourself to try new combinations that were not used before, an option can be yellow with pink; they are combinations that in other years would be unthinkable  but now will be synonym of fashion and innovation. This new trends give freedom to include and combine striking colors in all your clothes.

One of the colors that will be everywhere will be lavender and ultra violet so if you are looking for dresses online shopping in Miami you know what color your next dress should be. And if you have transparencies better! Long dresses with transparencies will continue to be seen in the streets to give a sensual and feminine touch to your outfit.

During the winter we fall in love with the furry pink coat, this year we will be able to continue using it, but already entering the spring this coat can be replaced by a pink jersey that will be a must this season. Last year we started to see pants with heels, but this year will be better, the new trend will be sports shorts with stilettos. You can make daring combinations like red shorts with purple heels or wear ultra violet shorts and you will be the center of attention.

Another trend that will be very present for this season will be to wear a top over a shirt; although it seems a bit strange the reality is that this trend looks super sophisticated. In addition, if you dare to use the striking colors of the season you will have an incredible outfit.

The retro will be present during 2018 and there will be flashes of the 90’s everywhere, among the striking colors sailor caps will return us directly to this decade. In addition, we will find transparent raincoats everyone including in coats, jackets, skirts and even for shoes!

The accessories that will be trend this year will be the bags; just like last year you will find the metallic handle but this year the most original bag will be the best and it is already starting with the furry bags that are ideal for this cold season. Undoubtedly an accessory that reflects the decade of the 90’s is the fanny packs. The fanny packs were not exactly the most stylish during those years, but that is about to change; the fanny packs in 2018 will be synonymous with sophistication; great brands have already published their proposals and can be easily used with any working girl outfit.

As you can see, this year the trends are varied, from bags with plush and transparent raincoats to dresses with Vicky squares in thousands of colors. The best thing about fashion is that it evolves so we are very excited to be able to offer you a great number of options for this year and that look amazing every day.

Matilda by true love brings the latest trends with the best quality. We bring all kinds of clothes to our store located in the fashion district of Los Angeles. In addition, you can find all our products online from the comfort of your home you can make your order to our store.

Matilda by True Love creation began with a dream and the desire to make every woman reflect her inner beauty, expressing their unique style and personality to the world with the assurance that they look trendy and beautiful. At Matilda, we sell wholesale and retail and one of our commitments is to design and create high quality clothing to make your business grow and each woman to feel comfortable and happy with our clothes.

Matilda is the ideal place where you can find the best trends this year, from a boho style blouse to dresses online shopping in Miami and we will send your purchase to the door of your home or business. Do not wait any longer and start living this New Year looking amazing with the latest trends.

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