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Welcome once more to Matilda by true love’s official website. Each season there are colors that are protagonists, and we can see them in the different events and festivals that are made throughout the year. Every season, we look out for new trends and different designs. On this occasion, we want to talk to you about the Cannes festival and clothes for sale online in Los Angeles where you can find only the best and fair prices. Currently, the Cannes festival is a renowned film festival where being invited is a great honor for any artist. But, do you know the origins of this festival and why it has become so famous?


The first film festival was held in Venice in the 30’s. During this first festival, an Italian, German and French film competed for the best film. Due to the political situations of that time, the festival rewarded the Italian and German film, leaving aside the French film. As you can expect, French did not take this really well. For this reason, the French decided to hold their own festival in the city of Cannes, where politics would not interfere with art. After some time in which they decided where to do it, the first festival of Cannes was realized finishing the World War II in the year 1946.

For the 50’s the Cannes festival was beginning to take more relevance in cinema and fashion; with artists like Brigitte Bardot, this festival began to be emblematic, the attendees and the winners of the “palme d’or”, makes everyone to expect the festival every year. The years have passed, but glamour has not gone out of style. That´s why the festival of Cannes with more than half a century of existence still gives us to talk about the clothes that the attendees wear and just like the fashion, the designers and the festival do their best to transform themselves and impress the world every year.

Previously, black was synonymous of formality, but little by little the royal has been making its way through Cannes and other festivals and events demonstrating that royal is the new black. We can see some examples at the last festival in Cannes that ended a few days ago. We would like to start with Winnie Harlow, who attended the festival in a royal wrap dress, which left us impressed with her style and elegance and Hailey Baldwin who attended with a mermaid royal halter, ideal for a prom night. They are not the only ones who have used this color for this festival, but we really liked their style. During the last festivals of Cannes the Royal has had a very important role and we have seen several actresses to use them, giving each year a greater relevance to this color.

Cannes serves as inspiration for us to achieve an equally chic and glamorous outfit. During the red carpet, and also we can have a glimpse of summer looks. We want to share with you some recommendations for you to buy accessories or clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, so you can look beautiful with your new outfit.


Shoes are very important in any outfit, when we talk about a blue outfit we can wear shoes of the same color as our dress. On the other hand, if we want another color in our shoes we leave the following recommendations: Nude shoes, this color is one of the best because they combine with this type of dress, you will be able to give prominence to your garment. Black shoes are one of the favorite colors to use because of the contrast they have with royal. Choose simple shoes, in addition to being able to use them in many more occasions they look chic and elegant. Silver or golden shoes, these colors are also very used, we recommend you not to buy shoes too bright or with many adornments if you do not want to dull your dress.

The purse is another accessory, that we must match with the shoes or dress.  At last, jewelery is another aspect that we must have a complete outfit, they can be silver or gold, try not to put the two styles together in one outfit. All accessories must be integrated to create balance and elegance. Do not wear black shoes, silver bag and gold earrings because it will look terrible. If you love the royal, but you are not looking for a dress, we remind you that in our shop you can find clothes for sale in Los Angeles, you can find the clothes by category and select the desired price range, this way you save time because you will only see the garments you want at the prices you want to buy.

Likewise, if you are tired of wearing black in every opportunity, we want to share some tips to combine some royal blouses. Like a dress, a blouse of this color is perfect with pants or skirt black or white because of the contrast, you will highlight the colors. Another color that serves very well is the mustard or beige. Finally, the prints look great with blue, try that the prints have similar colors that match with royal. Matilda by true love always bring to you avant-garde garments. Remember, with us you can find clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, with quality and fair prices. Hope to see you soon in our next post.

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