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For many women Carrie Bradshaw is undoubtedly the definition of fashion; from the moment that she appeared on television many women began to follow the life of this writer and also the lives of her friends; who also wore incredible tops for women summer look during the time that lasted the series. On the other hand, Carrie took us to appreciate fashion and take it to the next level.

With Carrie we could see the tops for women summer look that she could use in different styles, having a unique fashion sense, putting together vintage clothes with couture making her outfits look amazingly good and being sincere Carrie can pull-off any outfit. Probably the only thing we do not want to have is the finance misadventures that Carrie has during the television series. However, I’m sure that more than one waited anxiously each episode to see the different outfits in the series and the future of these four friends.

Sex and the City is a series that began in the late 90’s so we could witness the evolution of fashion and see the 90’s at its best. Sex and the City is liberation for women and speak of female freedom and broke old-fashioned ideas about how a woman should behave. This show allowed us to see a new facet where women are independent, have money and fashion is able to represent their state of mind and accompany them along the way to achieve their goals.

All four have styles that define them; and they use clothes that made them feel comfortable and with which the characters identified. We would never imagine Charlotte using Miranda’s clothes because they are totally different styles; Charlotte is passionate about art and an inveterate romantic, while Miranda is objective and a lawyer. This is how we think in Matilda by True Love, each woman is different and needs to be able to express herself through her clothes, transmitting to the whole world who she is and what she wants and all that can be achieved with each of the clothes she uses; creating a unique and different style.

During the seasons we could see great brands and high fashion, and characters making risky fashion decisions. This series marked an entire generation of women and the best part is that some elements of the 90’s are back! So if you have tops for women summer look, a dress, bombers or denim jackets it’s time to take them out of your closet and use them. If we take a moment, we can review some of Carrie’s outfits that we could use today; like a flowered dress with a white bomber embroidered with flowers; this outfit is romantic and with a spring remembrance and very feminine air. No doubt it would be excellent with the obsession we have with the embroidered flowers.

In the episode “I Heart NY” Carrie wore an amazing outfit, in her farewell date with Big. Carrie’s outfit was a black dress with lace and transparencies and a wine-colored coat. Without a doubt, it would be a great success to use today. The show also featured a large number of midi skirts and crop tops; these outfits that seemed like they would never return have come back to life so if you are a fan of this series, is time to reuse some of the garments that you shop during that time.

Sex and the City brought great contributions to the world of fashion. As we have already mentioned, in Matilda by True Love we seek that each woman can transmit her essence through clothing, we want each garment she uses to make her feel comfortable, confident and closer to success. We know that each woman is unique and special and that is why our designs are inspired by the up-to-date woman who is competitive, successful, feminine and unique.

The best tops for women summer look include ruffles, embroidery, lace and prints. The best thing about these tops is that they are very flashy and you can shine anywhere you go. It’s autumn, but we can still use tops for women summer look, we simply have to combine them with the new season, such as velvet, satin or trousers with British or Vichy squares; even an XL blazer would be excellent with our tops. The embroidered tops are still in trend along with the satin, waves, velvet and suede is the new texture to give us a little more heat for the change of season.

In Matilda by true love you can find any tops for women summer look that are in fashion, we are committed to bring the best of clothes and trends to our store to sell in retail or wholesale. Our mission is to empower women through fashion; it’s a fact that when women wear our clothes, they feel confident, trendy and very beautiful. We like to be present in the lives of our clients and accompany them to fulfill their dreams. We know that every woman is unique and special so we are committed to create special and unique garments for them.

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