Sexy tops offshoulder online shopping

Free the shoulders!

Sexy tops offshoulder online shopping blouses have arrived to stay this season. This type of blouse is perfect to feel fresh, look sexy and trendy. Although, within them there are several types with distinct characteristics and we must know them all. Did you know that this trend is not new? as they are returning flashes of the 70’s and 80’s … get ready because this trend was born in the 60’s with the beautiful actress Brigitte Bardot, who at that time scandalized the world with this new fashion.

The positive side of the off-shoulders, is that you can wear them anytime. During the day, in the park, on a gala night or any event. Also, they are very flattering because they expose the shoulders, making you look even sexier. This trend is not tight so you will always feel comfortable. We want to share with you everything about sexy tops offshoulder online shopping, where can you find them, where and how to use them.


First, we need to talk about the ones that have an elastic band on the top. This type is ideal for giving you great mobility, the elastic band prevents the blouse from falling and feeling uncomfortable, and avoid that awkward moment when all you think about is to hold your tee all the time, we highly recommend that you use it with a strapless or patches. They are excellent with almost everything: jeans, shorts, skirt or maxi skirts, you just need to take care the combinations. This season they will have embroidery and prints. These tops are here to stay all season making you feel trendy, comfortable and sexy at the same time.

This seasons besides the normal designs and the classical sailor style, we will find lines of all colors, don’t be shy and go for this new trend! Be careful that the lines do not make you look wide. Remember, the horizontal lines enlarge the figure and the vertical lines stylize it. This season it’s all about romanticism and this style is a must-have. If you choose a tee with lace and ruffles in colors like white, beige you instantly have part of boho chic, or style it up with some bright leggings and high heels. You may also choose between baby blue and light pink with flower prints or also yellow and orange that are bright colors that matches with this season.

When wearing off-shoulder blouses, remember to stylize the figure, balance it using tight jeans, shorts, or skirt and highlight your figure. Also, mix it up with some head bands, collars and retro sun glasses. The advantage of this type of garment is that short and long sleeves look cute. These types of sleeves highlight your shoulders and neckline. Another type of his trend is the shoulder cold top. They are back, just when we were forgetting about them and they look great in woven sweaters, loose tees with embroidery on the neck or long necklaces. The sexy tops offshoulder online shopping and the loose shoulder cold top with a belt will highlight your waist. The blouses are ideal for summer because they will make you feel fresh and sexy. You can wear the same blouse with boots, sandals, flats or heels.

If you can’t wait to go out and go for sexy tops offshoulder online shopping, do not limit yourself to tops, also look up for dresses, rompers and swimsuits that are the must-have of this season. If you go to the beach or stay in the city, these blouses need to be in your closet. As we have written in our other posts, this trend we also have suggestions depending on your body type. So that you feel very comfortable and above all stand out your figure, looking beautiful wherever you go. In our previous post, we named some body types. If you have wide hips (like pear body type), this trend is very advantageous for your body, because they highlight the bust and balance the figure.

If your shoulders are wider than your hip or you are a busty girl, the goal is to balance your shoulders with your hips. If you use, some strapless you will highlight your shoulders. On the contrary, we recommend you use the cold shoulder cold top, you will be trendy and it will balance your figure.   If you have an hourglass figure (defined waist) we need to highlight the waist, so wear a belt, we not recommend using loose tops without tight jeans, shorts or a belt because you will look wide, without curves. On the other hand, if you have a column figure (the waist is not defined), we need to make more curves, so its ok to use ruffles, belts with embroidery.  If you do not like your arms, don’t worry, the cleavage conceals the wide arms and is very flattering. Besides, if you have very thin arms, we recommend using sleeves with frills, applications or prints to create more volume.

We hope that you liked our recommendations for this season. Matilda by true love is the must-have sexy, sophisticated fashion brand for work, the weekend, or going out. Also, remember that you can find sexy off shoulder and cold shoulder tops in our store in Downtown Los Angeles and our online store we happily help you out offering sexy tops offshoulder online shopping to buy the must-have garment of this season.