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We are on the edge of the end of season and we are already dreaming of new trends in women’s dresses, blouses, vests and women fashion jackets in usa. The trend for this new season comes with many colors, textures, Vichy and British squares, midi skirts and much more. We just started to see the first flashes and we are already in love with the new trends. This season is characterized by being the most expressive and creative, making fashion an art.

Matilda by True Love is recognized for being a store that sells in retail and wholesale, our mission is to be able to bring the best trends, with the best quality at an affordable price so that you can dress in style. We are committed to creating fashion that empowers the women’s identity and this we achieved by reviewing the latest fashion trends in different countries, as well as designing the garments exclusively so women feel confident about themselves, expressing through clothing their identity and personality to the world .

For this reason, we want to share with you some of the newest trends that we will have during autumn and winter. The first one is that we will have jackets inspired in pajamas. The jackets will have a sensual style, and very soft and comfortable fabrics. The fabrics will be lightweight as they will serve as a seasonal transition between autumn and winter. These will be a must for day or night and you can use them with jeans or casual pants, even with cropped pants will look amazing.

We have news for you: Denim will be super trendy. You can use denim and denim. Denim clothing should have some detail in it and today’s is denim over denim, with embroidered flowers or patches. We continue the trend of the denim till the end of the year. In Matilda by true love you can find jeans with the latest trend, we have embroidered jeans that will have romantic details such as flowers.

 Denim Pants with beautiful rose flower embroidery.

Available in small, medium and large

98%Cotton 2%Polyester

  • Boot cut jeans
  • Low waist
  • Pockets

Take Denim to a whole new level with these trendy floral embroidered jeans that will sure to brighten up your outfit

  • Denim
  • Floral
  • Embroidered

Available in small, medium and large.

This season you can use denim in your entire outfit, we recommend to ix it up with some other trends like bomber jackets or other styles of women fashion jackets in usa.

In Matilda by true Love we also have the hottest women fashion jackets in usa where you can choose your favorite one for any occasion.

Chick Denim

Casual, classic, cool jacket, it’s here: the jean jacket you’ve been yearning for year after year.
Is there any fashion dilemma a jean jacket can’t solve? If there is we can’t think of one.

Available in small, medium and large


  • Rhinestone detail
  • Button closure
  • Front chest pockets
  • Long sleeves.

This season the blouses will be full of details such as waves, flowers, fabric designs and of course we will continue with the flowers during autumn-winter that have invaded every corner of fashion this year. In addition, the women fashion jackets in usa that we will continue wearing during the fall can be found in Matilda by True Love. Also, bomber jackets and embroidery will continue to be a trend this season, the only difference is that some colors will change to be more ad hoc with the cold weather.

Lightweight bomber jacket with zipper:

This casual and lightweight bomber jacket is perfect to have year round. Throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans in the winter, or enjoy those breezes in the summer time night comfortably. Is a must have in every closet.

Available in small, medium and large

·         100% Polyester

·         Lightweight Jacket

·         Zipper Details

Satin Flower bomber.

Light Weight Bomber Jacket w/ Multi Color Small Flower Embroidery 70%Cotton 30%Polyester.

Colors: Pink and green.

Available in small, medium and large.

Other trend for the winter season will be the XXL jackets, these garments should have some detail like waves or embroidery. As we saw in the Emmy Awards 2017, with Zoe Kravitz’s dress, the feathers will be strong this season; we will have them in shirts, skirts, jackets and even in coats. We should not forget that one of the trends of this fall-winter will be the midi skirts, which we can use with boots for the transition to cold season. We can use a midi with a biker style jacket. The designs will have many silver details and even belts. These biker jackets are characterized by being motorcyclist style.

The metallic colors will flood the streets and if we combine a pleated metalized skirt with stilettos and a bomber with embroidery we will have one of the most desired looks of the moment. The animal print is always present, so you can recycle any garment you have with this type of print. Speaking of prints, the flowers will continue to be trend during this season, so continue to take advantage of what you can recycle this season.

Squares will also be a must have during the winter, British squares or Vichy squares; we can use them in in any garment, any time we want. We can find blouses, skirts and dresses with these trends; we can mix them with squares of different colors and still look good.

Every season the fashion is changing and in Matilda by True Love we work constantly to bring you the latest fashion trends from the main cities of the world like Milan, New York, Tokyo and of course Los Angeles. In Matilda by True Love, you will find the best trends, the best price and the best quality. In our shop you will find blazers, bombers, jackets and vests so you can achieve a desired and trendy look. Our commitment is to design clothes that help you feel confident about yourself and accompany you to achieve your biggest dreams.

Every woman is unique, so our collection is about highlighting the uniqueness and specialness of each woman. We use eye-catching colors to make them stand out from the rest. We want our clothes to inspire you to be the best of you and be a happy and confident woman every day. Our mission is to help you to feel ready to fulfill your dreams looking incredibly good with the clothes that Matilda by True Love has designed especially for you.

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