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Matilda by True Love was founded in 2011, and during this time it has been a journey full of dreams and achievements, we design and create fashion with a unique style that makes every woman reflects their inner beauty, we believe each of our customers is unique and special. Our mission and vision is to create fashion that empowers the women’s identity. We believe that each woman is unique and we inspire them to be the best of them.

One of our objectives is to become the best jackets supplier online in the country and also we are working to become a leader in wholesale and retail fashion, having the best competitive, attractive, online business. We are a recognized store for the design of their garments and innovation. We are located in the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles and we can send our products anywhere in the United States and Latin America. Our dream is to empower women not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Our way of working, makes us the best jackets supplier online, because buying with us is a very simple process. The first thing you have to do is register yourself in the “wholesale” section, after filling out the form you will receive an email welcoming you. When you register in the section of wholesale you can see our online catalog and in each item you can know the price and colors available of the product

In our store you can find denim jackets, satin jackets, bomber jackets, shorts and blazers sets, among others. Being experts in fashion, we are aware that we have to constantly renew our clothes that we offer so that you can always offer clothes of the best and new trends, with the best quality and price. Being the best jackets supplier online, we are concerned about the business of our customers and want to boost their sales. Therefore, we always take care that the garments we design and bring have the best price that we can offer so that their margins of profit can be higher. As well, our clients can have better prices in their stores and boutiques.

That´s why in this post we want to share with you some strategies to sell more.

  1. Have a sales pitch. This means having something prepared that you sell. For example what we sell, why it is the best product and what it includes. Be careful with this one because sometimes sellers began with a sales pitch without having heard what the customer needs. In the case of internet sales, highlight as much as you can with pictures, descriptions and even you can place a suggested outfit.
  2. Ask questions to your customers. We mean about talking to him. Do not push it too hard to generate a conversation. Try to ask some key questions that can help you know what they need. To be able to create a list of questions, try to be empathetic with the client and think about possible doubts that might arise when entering your business.
  3. After-sales service. Normally when they have already sold in your store, they do not ask for the customer’s data or they lose contact with the customer. Follow up is essential, ask them to rate their shopping experience, and ask if they want us to send them offers or news (we must ask them before sending any information, if he says no and we send it anyway we will end up in spam).
  4. Contact information at sight. On the website, put an email, phone or whatssapp on the home page or in the contact section so that customers can easily find it. Likewise, in the store you can place a sign with your mail, social networks or whatssapp so that customers can communicate when they want. We currently live in the era of fast information, so if you take too long to contact a potential customer you may lose interest. Similarly, in the traditional store if the sellers are slow in sharing prices or attending a customer they lose.
  5. One of the best strategies to sell more is training, there are thousands of tutorials on the internet about tips to improve our sales, one of the best known are Grant Cardone´s tutorials who explains how he became one of the best sellers. Some of his tips to create more and better sales in retailers are as follows:
  6. Assign a greeting person to customers at the store entrance. The goal is customers feel welcome into the store and comfortable when entering it.
  7. As Cardone says, customers do not go the store just to “see” products, you have to realize that they want to buy something or are looking for something specific and you can help them.
  8. Do not ignore any customers. Sometimes when a customer goes to a store, the vendors do not attend him and are talking to each other. This can cause customer dissatisfaction and loss. Also, do not ignore means to not labeling a customer and think that they won´t or can´t buy. A classic example, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She goes to the store and the saleswoman does not want to attend her because of her appearance, although she had money to pay for the clothes she wanted, she couldn’t buy any, so the lesson is to not let any customer leave you just for the first wrong impression.
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