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Who has not seen the famous photographs of “expectation and reality” when women decide to buy online? Black dresses with excellent quality transparencies, which end up being the worst possible fabric, wrong size and honestly an umbrella would look better than that dress we fell in love with on the computer.

To avoid these disappointments in your next purchases, we want to share some recommendations for you to make an online purchase that you actually like and do not end up forgotten in a drawer or in the trash.

  • When you’re in the store looking for sexy tops off shoulder online shopping. Begin to look out the photos, examine if you can zoom the picture, if it comes in several angles. Thus, you will not have surprises to receive a garment of which you had not seen the back and weren’t like you expected.
  • We recommend that you also review the description of the garment, like material of manufacture, sizes and colors. If at this point you have doubts, it is better to contact a seller to avoid future returns by changing size or material of the garment.
  • Browse the page and verify that the Company is in social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or any other). How many followers they have? Also, check out the profile; look for the comments, testimonials or ratings. It is normal for a Company to have some positive and few negative comments but if you see too many of the negative ones; check out why they are complaining about. Likewise, if there are many complaints that they did not get the clothes, they arrived in bad condition or you see the words fraud, fraudulence, deceit… We recommend you to investigate more about the store and do not shop yet.
  • Before you start looking for the garment you want, check the payment methods at the online store. So, you will not waste time in a store where you cannot buy. If it is your first purchase, we recommend that you do it first with Amazon pay or Paypal. If you are going to make the payment through paypal verify that the user has more than 60 days registered in the platform. Also, check if they accept credit cards for future purchases.
  • Update your antivirus. This one is very important since there are thousands of virus types which can share the saved or confidential information, register everything you type on the keyboard, among many others that are invented daily.
  • If you decide to buy something, in the moment when you are filling out the payment forms verify that your browser starts with “https”. It is very important that you notice that there is a “s” as this means that it is a secure connection. Also, make sure that the Wi-Fi network you use at the time of purchase is safe. Sometimes it can be easier to buy when you are in a Starbucks, bars or restaurants but they can be unsafe and your personal data can end up with hackers.
  • Avoid phishing. Phishing is when they steal the users’ confidential information. The most common is via email, so when you receive a suspicious offer (too good to be real), go to your browser and check out the website that offers it, do not click in the mail. Sometimes when clicking on the mail offer you will be a victim of phishing.
  • Investigate if the online store has a physical store or any telephone or mail where you can communicate. As well as verify the customer service mail or number and check out if someone answer. It will be helpful if you have any problem with your purchase, you will be sure that someone will be able to attend you and solve your doubts or problem.
  • We recommend that you read the “returns and privacy policies” section to know what their terms are.
  • When placing your order, verify that they give you a document where you can trace the status of your shipment to be sure and confident that your order will arrive on time.
  • Finally, make screenshots. Every time you make a purchase we recommend you do one where you see your order number or if there was an error. The goal is to have a document that verifies your purchase or serve as clarification in case there was any problem in the purchase or shipment.

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