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What to buy depending on your body type?

Welcome to Matilda by true love´s official site, we are a company located in the heart of fashion in Downtown Los Angeles. Despite being in California, we have a large presence in the United States as an online clothing retailer, with us you will find dresses, pants, blazer or tops for sale in California.

When we observe fashion and latest trends. Sometimes we just buy it, without thinking what would be the best fit, depending on our body type. That’s why, here are some tips to buy dresses, pants or tops for sale in California, so you will know what to choose from current trends. There are several types of bodies: hour-glass, pear, inverted triangle and apple. Each body has characteristics, and specific garments that you can use to highlight the parts you like the most of your body or hide parts that we do not like that much and the objective is to be comfortable and feel good with ourselves.


If your body it´s like an hour-glass body, the characteristic of this type of body is that the shoulders and hips are of the same size; While the waist is very defined. To highlight your figure, it is best to draw attention to the waist to accentuate your curves. Some garments that achieve this effect are the dress known as wrap dress, wide belts at the waist, or slightly above just below your bust to highlight it, V necklines help a lot, as well as pencil-style skirts because they highlight your curves and the boot-cut style pants. What we do not recommend to use are those pants with side bags because they add more volume, loose clothes because they will make you look square, big belts in the hip or skirts with much volume because you will attract the attention to the bottom of your body.

If your figure type is like a pear, it means your hips are wider than the top of your body. We suggest creating balance between the lower and upper part of your body. To achieve this, we recommend using blouses with prints, ruffles, shoulder pads that will make you have more volume on the top of your body, you can also use tops with light colors, shorts and straight skirts without flights will work because they not emphasize this part of your body. On the other hand, we recommend you avoid high volume belts, very wide belts in the hip because they will give more volume, pants with side bags or skinny jeans, skirts that are very wide or with great volume, trousers with side bags or jeans with high waist or wide boots because it will highlight this part of your body.

The next type of body is the inverted triangle. This type of body is characterized because the shoulders or the bust are bigger than the hips. Normally, the legs tend to be thin. In contrast to the type of pear body and hour-glass, we recommend using pants with side bags, folds, wide jeans, skirts with folds, balloon or A because they will look incredible on you because they direct attention to the bottom part of the body and they give greater volume.

Another recommendation is to wear a V-neckline as well as dresses with thick straps so your shoulders will be narrower and use light colors or stamped clothes as they attract the look and highlight the part of the body where you use them. On the other hand, we recommend avoiding strapless blouses, very dark jeans or stretch materials because you will highlight your legs and these materials will make you look thinner. As for the dresses pick the ones with V-cut, halter or with thick straps. In general, light colors, heavily lined prints or strapless necklines should be avoided.

Another type of body is the “column”. This body is characterized because the shoulders and hips have the same width, and the waist is not so defined, what we must do is create more curves. For this, what we can do is to wear dresses that have ruffles or with many details, when using garments with volume or flyers use a belt, when using blazers use those that emphasize the waist. On the other hand, avoid the very loose and long dresses or shaped like a pencil because they will make your figure look very straight.

The body type that looks like an “apple” is characterized by being narrow in the back and enlarge until the hips, the waist is not very defined and the legs are usually thin. The goal will be to balance it and define the curves. The garments we recommend to wear are blouses or dresses that have shoulder highlights as well as long sleeves, V necklines looks really well on you, wrap dresses because they help to highlight the waist and use dark colors. Avoid the dresses that have stretch fabrics and are heavy and long, also avoid very loose garments or the ones that has layers or too many ruffles that widen your figure or heavily loaded prints.

With us, you will find dresses, shorts, sweaters, cardigans, blazers and tops for sale in California that highlight your figure and make you feel a confident and trendy woman. Regardless of the type of body you have remember that the important thing is to love your body and all you need to do is finding the clothes that make you feel gorgeous. Remember that with Matilda by true love you will always find dresses, pants, skirts and tops for sale in California at the best price and with the latest trends of the big cities of fashion.