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Boho chic rocks!

The Boho chic style is one of the most complicated looks to achieve. Sometimes, in the attempt of doing it, we overdo it and we not achieve the look. But what is boho style? And how can we nail it. The boho style, is a combination of the bohemian and hippie styles. But it does not finish to combine these two styles, in our boho chic style, we must add ethnic and country touches, in addition, we need to have a vintage touch that gives that unique style that is feminine, relaxed and glamorous.

The style began in 2004 with Sienna Miller at the Glastonbury festival, followed by Kate Moss. They started this new trend, however, they are not the only artists or influencers who have chosen the boho chic. Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez just to mention a few that are in love with this outfit.  If you want to see many looks to inspire yourself and get tops for women boho online type in your browser “Coachella boho chic”, you will find countless creative looks that will inspire you and will help you to find the ideal boho chic look.


In boho chic style, you should include retro accessories with ethnic air, the hairstyle and makeup should be relaxed and natural. In boho, we can include vests, hats, boots, feathers, big earrings, long necklaces. Although, we must combine them well so doesn’t  look ugly. The first thing we should do to choose our boho chic look, is choosing fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, gauze or leather. The ideal colors are light or neutral; colors like white, beige, red, orange or green. Remember that lace, fabrics, fringes and embroidery are widely used in garments or accessories.

The goal is to have fun during the process of creating your boho chic look, remember that you can experiment with many patterns or details that are fashionable. In this summer of 2017 we recommend you using clothes with flower patterns. If the print is overloaded, you can combine it with neutral accessories. One of the main elements of this look is to think about your comfort, normally the clothes are loose. If you want to wear some tight clothing, you can also do it, but you should combine them. You can wear tops for women boho online, with tight shorts or a loose dress, or baggy knit sweaters with a tight skirt.

Wear shoes that are made of natural materials. Normally, no heels are worn, because it’s a look that inspires comfort like sandals, low shoes or boots are the ideal shoes. If you want to use heels, be inspired in those that were used with wide heels as in the 70`s. Like garments, they must be earthy, white, beige or bronze colors. If you like bright colors, remember that you can use them, but they must be colors that you can find in nature like emerald green or bright red. Avoid using electrical colors.

The texture of each garment is another factor that it´s important. Do not wear suede pants with a lace blouses, fringed waistcoats and a crochet bag with leather shoes. It would be an excess, look for the balance in your garments and colors. Instead of achieving the perfect boho chic look, it would seem you are going to a Halloween party. Accessories are a must in this look. You can use bracelets, anklets, bracelets for arms, long earrings, necklaces that are made of stones, leather, metal, shells. In general, things of nature, like all elements of boho chic.

Also, another important accessory are the hair bands, a wide-brimmed hat, crochet caps, to complement your look use bags and retro sunglasses (they are usually large and round). The tricky thing to achieve this look, is to know how to balance all the accessories and doesn’t look that you overdo it, also achieving the accessories stand out and do not opaque between them. Look for accessories that complement each other.

To achieve a perfect look, you cannot miss the hairstyle and makeup. For the hairstyle seek a natural style, it is usually long wavy with colors that look natural, also you can give a slight curve in the ends of your hair, the braids are very used in this style. Try to make the hair look very natural and fresh. Finally, for the makeup use neutral tones, the idea is to look like you did not have makeup, apply base and illuminator to give a certain shine to your face, apply a little blush. For the eyes, you can use smoked or neutral; and, for the lips use pink, peach or blackberry, avoid the bright. Now you have, all the elements for a boho chic style and use it on music festivals, shopping in the mall or just to hang out a while with your friends.

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