Tops for women summer look: 2018 trends

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Welcome to our blog on Matilda by True Love. Every time we want to buy some new garments, we find thousands of options, including blouses of different cuts, textures and designs; and sometimes we are caught up in the indecision of what tops for women summer look we must buy. Each year begins the anticipation of what the new seasons will bring next year and this year the tops for women summer look for 2018 already have us excited, and we want to start sharing with you what the next trends will be.

Light colors such as baby blue or baby pink will be what we will see during the next spring; the prints will continue but they will not be the sensation as they were this season. In addition, the yellow will stand out among the colors and we will have sets of this color to accompany us on sunny days; you will need at least one shirt of this color in your wardrobe. We will also find satin blouses with light colors and asymmetrical colors; leaving behind the slip dress of the 90’s; with this new trend you can get your most feminine and sexy side.

In addition, like every season, white is the color that cannot miss and more because next year the metallic colors will be everywhere; we can use accessories such as shoes, bags, metal jackets and they are perfect with tops for women summer look. Go ahead and buy metallic shoes because you can use them during winter and summer.

The oversize garments will continue next season, so you can take the blazer, trench coat or a light sweater and use it in the change of season. Before, if you used something XL the other item had to be adjusted, now that does not matter anymore; you can use two XL garments without any problem and feel as comfortable as possible. As for the style in the tops for women summer look they will invade with frills, the asymmetric cuts will be in each blouse, and as a reminder of the 80’s they will have a little volume.

In 2018 you can also mix textures, black and silver will be a must in the wardrobe. Something that has changed is that sequins can also be used during the day. The metallic colors will invade the street style and we will also see them in metallic mom pants that will go with tennis and a blouse with white transparencies and your outfit will be ready; you can wear the tennis or change them for some metallic stilettos and you will have a perfect working girl outfit.

The embroidery will continue during the next spring; but now it will also be in transparencies, leather, gabardine and even patent leather. Embroidery is a trend that we have loved this season and that begins to evolve when used in different textures. In addition, we will begin the bright embroidery and transparencies that we can use at any time looking very elegant and trendy.

In Matilda by True Love you will find clothes of the latest trends in the main cities of fashion. With us, you are guaranteed to find the best to feel unique and fashionable. We are committed to create fashion that empowers the women’s identity and thus you will be able to control any situation in which you are, because the first thing is to feel good about yourself. For us it is a great commitment and passion to create fashion that empowers women’s identity that pushes them to fulfill their dreams looking fantastic; for this reason we work to bring more fashion to women in the United States and Latin America and achieving that every day more women feel empowered by the garments they use and start to fulfill their dreams, we want to help each woman to be the best version of herself and that is what the design of each of our garments looks for.

Our designers are aware of each of the trends that begin to emerge in each of the major cities of fashion such as Milan, New York, Tokyo, Paris and of course Los Angeles which allows us to know what will be the next trends and include them in our designs but we do it in an original way, to create new, innovative designs, with great quality and taking care of the price so that our clients can benefit from them; and in the case of our wholesale customers, they can increase their return on investment since our garments have a high turnover so they can have new clothes in their store constantly and thus offer their customers novelties and gain recognition and loyalty.

In Matilda by True Love we are leaders in wholesale and retail fashion and we work to become leader in wholesale and retail fashion, having the best competitive, attractive, online business. In Matilda we can offer you the best of fashion at the best price; our store is located in Downtown in Los Angeles, in the heart of fashion in the fashion district. In our store and online store you can find a wide variety of products including tops for women summer look.

We gladly invite you to know more about our business, browse the page and you will find photographs of each of our products in the available colors. It includes a description of each product and its price. If you have any questions please contact us at +1 213 7481086 or +1 213 4404076; you can also write us an email to: We will be very happy to help you and be present in your life making you feel gorgeous, trendy and successful.

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