Tops for women summer look in 2018

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It is still January, but we are already looking at what will be the trend in the summer of 2018 and one of the styles that will be used the most in tops for women summer look will be: layering.

In the world of fashion layering refers to the superposition of layers. This means placing one garment over another turning it into the center of an outfit, although sometimes it may not be functional but the goal is to look good

Achieving a look that is loved depends on many factors, where one of the main ones is to transform weak points into strengths. As well as see what is the type of body, skin and hair that you have and take advantage of the cut of the clothes and colors that go with you and your personal style.

There are several types of layering; and normally this trend is used in autumn or winter, where the weather makes us not only look good and be in the latest trend, but allow us to be also warm; but in this case, the layering that will be this summer is reduced to placing tops for women summer look on a shirt.

The layering has some basic rules to achieve a beloved outfit and it does not seem that you put up even the curtains of your house; that’s why we want to share with you what you should observe in your outfits if you want to take advantage of the cold weather and start applying the layering today so you will be an expert of this trend during the summer.

We had already commented that using mono colored outfits are a trend that will be present throughout the year. In this winter season we can take advantage of it and use colors such as blue, beige or gray to use them as a monochrome outfit that we know it will look good. Remember that it is recommended to use neutral colors so that it is always a success, although here it will be highlighted the textures. Choose textures that harmonize together because when using the same color, the textures will be the ones that stand out and you can achieve an elegant and classic outfit.

If what you want to do is emphasize the silhouette you must focus on volume; to achieve this you can use tight clothes with oversize garments to create an optical game that makes harmony. As we mentioned, in a monochrome outfit you should look at the textures you use, although if you are not a fan of this style, you can opt for an outfit with the same range of colors, this means using different shades of blue, brown, pink, and grey, among others. The color should make harmony and not stand out so much. Remember that the protagonists here are the textures.

On the other hand, if you want colors to stand out, the first thing you should do is choose a neutral color that is your base. For example, gray, and then choose the most colorful garments that will make your outfit stand out and finally the accessories will give an unexpected turn. 2018 will be a year to create combinations that you would not have dared to do before but that now seem natural and sophisticated.

Since you know some rules of layering, now we will begin to say how it will be in tops for women summer look for this 2018. There will be lots of volumes, colors, prints, transparencies, silver, candy colors and more.

The layering in the tops for women summer look will be defined by shirts that remember the classic tailoring, and with tops of different styles and cuts. In addition, you will not miss the classic necklines in Jacquard tops that will provide greater structure to the top and highlight your silhouette because this type of tops shorten the waist, have ties, are tight or have a belt that enhance the outfit.

This layering can be with midi skirts, pants or shorts; this style will be viral in summer. We can create thousands of combinations with this style and create a unique and innovative style. Although probably the most difficult part of this new trend is to create layering with styles because you must find the perfect balance between the garments, taking risks but still be consistent and look good. When combining styles you need intuition and try several clothes to see how it looks better, also to make it a success we recommend using urban styles to have more harmony and can fit.

Fashion is an art and with each new trend we have the opportunity to reflect our thoughts, dreams and personality in the garments we use. Fashion is a reflection of us and what we can do, many say that an image says more than a thousand words and as far as fashion is concerned this is totally true because when you observe a and outfit you can identify what he or she is like, what they think, what they like, among other aspects of their personality. And many times, precisely because of the way you dress it can make it easier for you to fulfill your dreams. So get dressed to empower yourself and feel good and we assure you that by seeing you people around you will perceive that you project positivity and security to others making fighting for your dreams easier.

Our mission is for women to highlight their inner beauty. And we do it by creating clothes that fit their needs, making them feel beautiful inside and out. If you are looking tops for women summer look, Matilda by True Love is your best choice!

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